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Americas players in Europe: video summary (30 December - 1 January)

Stade Français put in a pathetic performance at Bordeaux on Saturday, they had been on a good run of form led by Contepomi's his fine run of form. But both ended against Bordeaux. Pretty much all the Stade players were dreadful, Jérôme Fillol in particular coming in for critisicm in the French press. Felipe Contepomi had a bad match and Roncero got hurt, but that fades into comparision with Martín Rodríguez Gurrachaga who had a dismal nightmare of a match, he himself called it a "match to forget" on his Twitter page. He was on good form until this match, but this performance was so bad that unless he bounces back quickly it may effect his chances of starting for the Pumas.

(19 minutes: Rodrigo Roncero was doing well at scrum time and won Stade a penalty, but later in the 33rd minute he injured his arm and from then on Stade went to pieces)

(39 minutes: during the play which resulted in the first Bordeaux try, Felipe Contepomi appeared to be appealing to the referee for something, when he should have been in the defensive line)

(43 minutes: Martín Rodríguez Gurrachaga showed defensive weakness as he was flattened by Bordeaux flanker Justin Purll, Rodríguez did manage to stop him but he was able to give a simple offload to Félix le Bourhis, and the move resulted in the second try of the match for Bordeaux)

(47 minutes: the second Bordeaux try was a comedy of errors from Stade Français, after Tom Palmer dropped the ball Heini Adams hacked on towards the tryline but Rodríguez and Julien Arias both had it easily covered, but they fell over each other and Adams went into score. At the beginning of the video you can see Rodríguez holding his shoulder in pain, but that is no excuse as that should have been easily dealt with.)

(53 minutes: Contepomi was also sin binned for striking out at a Bordeaux player as he was trying to free himself from the player holding onto him, watch carefully in the bottom right corner)

Whilst the Stade Français match wa a bad one for the Argentines involved, it was made up for in the Montpellier Racing-Métro match as all the Argentines had good matches (apart from Juan Pablo Orlandi), which will please Pumas coach Santiago Phelan. Lucas González Amorosino in particular showed how much of an exciting player he is and how much Leicester wasted his talents (Leicester now still have Geordan Murphy as their full back, who has declined steadily recently and I would say Amorosino would be Leicester's best full back if he were there now, Leicester's loss though).

(1 minute: Juan Martín Hernández may have been shifted by Racing away from his favoured 10 shirt, but at full back he showed several times throughout the match due to some porous defending from Vakatawa that he has very effective cover defence, with the Pumas no doubt going to be defending a lot in the Rugby Championship Hernández's defence may be a factor in selection)

(6 minutes: Hernández may not have regained his pre injury form, but still proved he has a very crisp pass, here he drifted a perfect pass for Julien Saubade to run on at speed)

(15 minutes: Agustín Creevy's awareness won possession for Montpellier after an overthrown lineout by Racing, Montpellier's first try was soon afterwards, later his great offloads were on show again nearly setting up a try for Timoci Nagusa, however he very much unlike him dropped the ball with no pressure during a Montpellier attack)

(23 minutes: Santiago Fernández has been quiet since the World Cup, but had a better match this time, in this video he sparks a 40 metre Montpellier attack with a good half break and then offload)

(29 minutes: Martín Bustos Moyano was also on good form, a very solid reliable player who rarely makes mistakes he ran a darting line from a quick line out, and later gave a good offload to give Masi Matadigo space to run)

(54 minutes: Substitute Lucas González Amorosino had an phenomenal impact, coming on soon after half time he finished off a try from a Montpellier counter attack)

(61 minutes: Amorosino's great form continues, and one aspect of his game is his offloading and making space for others, this pass which set up a try for Santi Fernández may look like just a pass to the casual watcher, but if you watch closely you'll see he wriggles out of one tackle and draws in two defenders leaving Fernández free to score, so many players would have passed in a forecasted way which would allow the defenders to easily come across and push Fernández into touch or tried to score themselves, note at the beginning of the video another good bit of defense from Hernández)

(63 minutes: Elsewhere Amorosino created a break by Montpellier by spotting the opportunity and landing a big pass, and also later spotted and took advantage of prop Juan Pablo Orlandi in defense and breezed past during another Montpellier attack)

(75 minutes: Montpellier have had a strong scrum this season, even without Figallo, Maximiliano Bustos has been rotating with Giorgi Jgenti and either way they have a strong scrum, above is an example of this as Bustos and the Montpellier pack lay the platform for good strong ball, which Matadigo picked up and scored from, another prop Juan Pablo Orlandi dropped the ball in the last minute as Racing chasing the bonus point)

Marcelo Bosch played 10 for Biarritz again against Toulon in a poor quality match, he's being constantly shifted between 13 and 10 of late, mainly because Benoît Baby has been a disaster and Peyrelongue is inconsistent.

(2 minutes: Early on a Marcelo Bosch up and under which troubled Christian Loamanu, allowed Biarritz to gain a 5 metre scrum which Bosch managed to score from)

(49 minutes: The Biarritz pack with Francisco Gómez Kodela and Manuel Carizza generally got the better of Toulon's)

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