Saturday, December 17, 2011

The "Sonny Bill" Creevy offload

Whilst the All Blacks centre Sonny Bill Williams arrived on the scene bringing his trademark offload from Rugby League with much success, there is also another more unlikely player who has used the offload to great effect. That player is the Argentine hooker Agustín Creevy.

Throughout 2011, Creevy has been using his skillful touch with the Pampas XV, Montpellier, and Argentina and has set up tries and created space for runners with it. Most recently he set up a try for Montpellier lock Mickaël de Marco with his offload and has since been nicknamed "Sonny Bill" Creevy by some Montpellier fans.

Such deft touch for a front rower is really quite rare, and probably comes from Creevy's days as a back rower. Of course though the offload is a risk and doesn't always come off successfully, but when it does it is a very effective way of drawing in defenders with little space.

(Video: Creevy has used his offload tremendously for the Pampas XV, Argentina and Montpellier)

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