Thursday, December 1, 2011

Should have this been a penalty?

When England went five points ahead of Argentina in the Pumas opening match of the World Cup at the 75 minute mark, Argentina actually played some of their best rugby over the last five minutes, playing free flowing rugby getting quick ball and the backs finding good angles. To be honest it begs the question as to why Argentina didn't play like that earlier on in the match. 

But nevertheless those last plays are worth having another look at. It started in the Pumas 22 looking like England were going to close out the victory, but Argentina ran the ball from their own 22. Marcelo Bosch, a player who I've been a big critic of in the past but at this World Cup did well and showed to me that he offers more than the limited Gonzalo Tiesi, made a penetrating run right up to the 40 metre mark. Quick ball followed and the Pumas got the quickest ball they'd had all match.

A couple of phases later the ball got sped out to Juan Imhoff who'd come on as a late substitute, he glided past Mike Tindall and Chris Ashton (two of the biggest idiots in world rugby so worth watching) but whilst being dangerously close to the touchline made a chip, which wasn't really the best, but after the kick was dragged down by Manu Tuilagi preventing him from giving chase and at least giving Ben Foden less time for a clearance kick which would have given Argentina good field position. The commentator and Argentine players both thought it was a penalty, but what do you think?

Did he commit to the tackle to the point where he couldn't stop taking Imhoff out?

Or did he just take Imhoff out to impede the chase and therefore a penalty should have been awarded?

Leave your comments below.


  1. It should have been a penalty. Imhoff could have scored and maybe would have.

  2. How was that not a penalty?

  3. Argentina were very unlucky not to get a penalty for this. Juan Imhoff could certainly have scored a try.

  4. Definaltey a penalty, bullshit call

    1. Not wanting to endorse the chosen words but without question you are spont on.