Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rosario, La Plata and Mendoza to host Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

The social network of Twitter appears to have leaked the venues for Argentina´s home matches in the 2011 The Rugby Championship. One of the Unión Argentina de Rugby´s (UAR) vice Presidents, Carlos Navesi seems to have let the cat out of the bag with a tweet saying that his city, Mendoza, will host Argentina´s first ever match in the Premier Southern Hemisphere tournament  which weill be Argentina vs South Africa. In addition the tweet says Los Pumas will host New Zealand at La Plata and Australia at Rosario. Nothing is thus far 100% official but the three venues are expected to all be confirmed in the coming days. Confirmation would continue the tradition of Argentina utilizing venues throughout the country for international matches. This is a huge bonus for a potential Rugby World Cup host nation.

Should the above be true then it is going against the recommendation of SANZAR of having two Pumas matches in the Buenos Aires area. La Plata is the capital of the Buenos Aires province but neither Mendoza nor Rosario are in the province or located close to the city itself. Nevertheless the stadiums are big and capable and have hosted their share of big events in the past. Córdoba and Chaco are also being talked about as  venues to host the June international matches vs Italy and France. The two are expected to be confirmed alongside Buenos Aires for the three test series that month.

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  1. Mendoza, La Plata y Rosario serán las sedes que Los Pumas utilizarán en el Rugby Championship