Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Argentina 2023!

Rugby World Cup-Argentina 2023 wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and to make sure everybody gets a present of some kind we are providing a fantastic video tribute to Los Pumas which has been on youtube for several weeks now. Los Pumas took the world by storm in 2007 and 2011 underlined the durability of the South American side as a global power which Post-World Cup 2011 saw Argentina officially added to the Tri nations to create The Rugby Championship. Every team at a World Cup brings something to the table. While Argentina left its mark on New Zealand 2011 by scoring the try of the tournament as Lucas González Amorosino eliminated Scotland pre-Quarter Finals for the first time ever, the lasting memory locals recieved was the passion of the fans. Argentina´s fans went in support of their team in the thousands and were extremely vocal - making plenty of noise to win over both the fans at the match and the New Zealand commentators with the likes of SKY New Zealand´s Tony Johnson continuously being amazed by the volume produced by Argentine supporters. A different attribute can be said of viewers from around the world who were not fortunate enough to be at the World Cup itself. Rugby fans on social media seem to agree that Los Pumas have a form of passion that others can only dream of.  

The video takes a look at Argentina in this years World Cup and also show footage from Rugby World Cup 2003 as well as some important matches going back to 2001 with Felipe Contepomi´s try vs Wales as Los Pumas won in Cardiff for the first time in history. It underlines the passion of Los Pumas and the desire they have to fight for their country and honor each other as a team. These attributes have been embeded in the players since a young age. While the Christian World reflects on Christmas Day the present to readers of this site is a reminder of how blessed the rugby world has been by the rise of Los Pumas from a second tier side in the 1990´s to a team capable of matching it with the best and knocking them over. The desire of having Argentina host Rugby World Cup 2023 is something that is shared by many people, not just the people contributing to this site.

Video Translation
Will, Passion and a lot of effort
Tackles, tries and leave life in every game
They play with heart
EVERYTHING TO feel the sensation of winning this game
They are 15 brothers united by the heart
They play for the shirt and for the honor
No matter who it is they always go forward
Put their lives into every tackle and to recover every lost ball
Never stop getting up
United force
All this and more
They are Los Pumas

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