Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guatemala win Rainforest Sevens tournament and enter CONSUR

Despite having a short history of rugby, recent events must go down as the most significant in the history of Guatemalan history. Guatemala has not only beaten the odds by taking out the Central American Rugby Sevens title - the Rainforest Sevens, but the country has been included in CONSUR and has also, thanks to winning the Rainforest Sevens, booked its place in the 2012 South American Sevens tournament after surprizingly defeating Costa Rica 24-19 in the final. Guatemala will now participate in the 2012 South American Sevens event which will take place over the weekend of March 10-13. Costa Rica have also secured a place in the event due to finishing second in the Central American tournament.

The Rainforest Sevens included seven teams with all of Central America´s countries except for Honduras taking part. In addition to the international Sevens sides of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala,  Nicarágua and Panama, both Costa Rica and Panama had their B teams participate in the event. Panama´s B team finished higher than the Panama side itself.

Guatemala´s inclusion in CONSUR (South American Rugby Confederation) is a further indication of how far rugby has come in the Americas. Despite being geographically located in North America, Guatemala is not entering NACRA (North America Caribbean Rugby Assocication). This is similar to that of South American country Guyana which is part of NACRA due to its Caribbean location and British colonial history as part of the West Indies.

Cup Final
Guatemala 24-19 Costa Rica

Plate Final
El Salvador 33-0 Panamá B

Bowl Final
Costa Rica 15-5 Panamá

Final Standings
1 Guatemala
2 Costa Rica
3 El Salvador
4 Panamá B
5 Costa Rica B
6 Panamá
7 Nicarágua

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  1. I am extremely proud of the guys. Thank you for the article. Such a young team, too.