Monday, December 26, 2011

The Duque brothers to play for Castres - Could it be true?

By João Paulo Minchio

Shortly after playing for the Brazilian National Mens Rugby team in the Emirates Cup of Nations in Dubai, UAE, the pair of Lucas and Moisés Duque Rodrigues had a new destination - not Brazil, but France. The brothers were mentioned at the highest level on the official site of the International Rugby Board, as being in line for trials from some French Top 14 and Pro d2 teams. It was reported here on Argentina 2023 also. The speculation has reached social media with the forum of France´s rugbyrama, amongst others having discussed the possibility and it has been suggested that Lucas Duque (Tank) may well be in line to be signed to play at the elite level for Castres.

It has been suggested that Tank, who plays either flyhalf or scrumhalf for the Brazilian championship winning side, São José, could well be used as a medical joker (injury enforced replacement) as the club has lost the services of Rémi Talès to a long term injury. Talès´s ligament injury to his knee means the club needs somebody to fill his boots for the remainder of the season. Former Crusaders flyhalf, Cameron McIntyre is no longer at the club as he left France to continue his career in Japan with the Green Rockets. The Japanese club has refused a request from Castres to release McIntyre. He will only be avaliable for Castres at the end of February. It is here that the name Lucas Duque Rodrigues has appeared as a possible replacement for Rémi Talès.

To complicate matters further, Castres is also not able to count on the services of the young centre, Rémi Lamerat, who is similarly out with a long term injury. In his place, it has also been suggested that Castres could very well call upon the services of a Brazilian, Tank´s younger brother - Moisés Duque Rodrigues. The same forums have suggested that Tank is the best Brazilian rugby playerand has a unique style of play refered to as “samba rugby”.

The suspense about the possible departure of Brazilians to Castres should be answered very soon, as the club will probably announce the name of at least one medical joker to be hired latter this week. Until then it is all merely speculation but one can hope that a top team could sign players from an emerging tier three country like Brazil. Curiously, last Friday the Duque brothers were at the stadium to watch CA Brive vs Clermont.


  1. not signing for Castres ...!/duquetanque/status/151597870963884034

    I hope he gets a contract at some Top 14 club though

  2. The rumour is far from being dead.

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