Monday, November 21, 2011

The UAR announces list of players for 2012 High Performance Plan

Argentina´s High Performance Sub-Committee (Subcomisión de Alto Rendimiento) has confirmed the list of players who will comprise the High Performance Plan to address the various competitions of the 2012 season. The players selected are to start training from today, Monday November 21, after having had a rest period during the course of this month, except for those players who were active, who will have a special recovery plan. This is to be the fourth year of the program which continues to help Argentina bridge the gap from domestic rugby to the international level. The program has been responsible for many young players breaking into the senior Argentine team as well as being signed to play professional rugby in Europe. In turn it has ensured the continued competitiveness of Los Pumas at international level.

The President of the High Performance Sub-Committee, Manuel Galindo said that “It's a very important satisfaction to continue the High Performance plan, which has amply demonstrated the good results it can give. We are satisfied with the work we have done, but we are aware that we must continue on this path, working not only on the physical side, but also to search for quantum leap in the technology, which would enable us to meet the high demands of the skills that lie ahead.”

The national director of the PlAR, Rodolfo Ambrosio added that “This is a longer list than that of previous years because this year will be very competitive, where we have to use a larger base of players. Players start working with roles and individual skills, we use the Super 15 to observe teams in its preseason stage. This activity will last until the year's end, at which there will be a break. At that time, each player will have an individual training plan to be carried out on their own, while returning in mid-January to resume the activity”.

Of the players named, four players were a part of the Los Pumas squad that competed at Rugby World Cup 2011. They are backrowers Alejandro Campos, Julio Farias Cabello and Genaro Fessia and secondrower Mariano Galarza.

Senior Players
1 AHUALI DE CHAZAL, Lisandro (Universitario, Tucumán) backrow
2 AMBROSIO, Stéfano (Tala RC, Cordoba) Flyhalf / centre
3 ARANGUREN, Felipe (CUBA, URBA) secondrow
4 ARAOZ, José (Jockey Club, Tucumán) prop
5 ASCARATE, Gabriel (Natación y Gimnasia, Tucumán) centre
6 AZZORIN, Nicolás (Liceo Naval, URBA) secondrow / backrow
7 BAEZ, Rodrigo (Liceo RC, Cuyo) backrow
8 BARREA, Facundo (Córdoba Athletic, Cordoba) wing
9 BRUNO, Rodrigo (Jockey Club de Villa María, Cordoba) backrow
10 CAMPOS, Alejandro (Club Pueyrredón, URBA) backrow
11 CASTELINA, Ariel (Universitario, Tucumán) prop
12 CORIA, Emiliano (Lince RC, Tucumán) hooker
13 CORTES, Gastón (Córdoba Athletic, Cordoba) prop
14 CRAIG, Santiago (Liceo Naval, URBA) centre
15 CUBELLI, Tomás (Belgrano Athletic, URBA) scrumhalf
16 DE LA FUENTE, Jerónimo (Duendes RC, URBA) centre
17 DE LA VEGA, Tomás (CUBA, URBA) backrow
18 ESTELLES, Juan Pablo (Atlético del Rosario, URBA) centre
19 FARALLE, Ezequiel (Huirapuca, Tucumán) centre / flyhalf
20 FARIAS CABELLO, Julio (Tucumán RC, Tucumán) backrow
21 FESSIA, Genaro (Córdoba Athletic, Cordoba) backrow
22 GALARZA, Mariano (Universitario de La Plata, URBA) secondrow
23 GARCIA VEIGA, Martín (Buenos Aires C&RC, URBA) hooker
24 GOMEZ LOPEZ, Lisandro (La Tablada, Cordoba) centre / Wing
25 GOMEZ, JUAN (Los Matreros, URBA) prop
26 GONZALEZ IGLESIAS, Santiago (Asociación Alumni, URBA) flyhalf
27 GUILLEMAIN, Juan Cruz (Jockey Club, San Juan) secondrow
28 GUZMÁN, Santiago (Tucumán RC, Tucumán) secondrow
29 LANDAJO, Martín (CASI, URBA) secondrow
30 LEONARDI, Tomás (SIC, URBA) backrow
31 LOBO, Nahuel (Estudiantes de Paraná, Entrerriana) prop / hooker
32 MACOME, Benjamín (Tucumán RC, Tucumán) backrow / secondrow
33 MADERO, Benjamín (SIC, URBA) flyhalf
34 MENDEZ, Santiago (SIC, URBA) scrumhalf
35 MIRALLES, Román (Duendes RC, Rosario) fullback
36 MONTERO, Manuel (Pucará, URBA) wing
37 MOYANO JOYA, Ramiro (Lince RC, Tucumán) fullback
38 ORLANDO, Matías (Huirapuca, Tucumán) centro / wing
39 PICCININI, Francisco (SIC, URBA) prop
40 POSTIGLIONE, Bruno (La Plata RC, URBA) prop / hooker
41 ROJAS, Javier (Universitario, Tucumán) centro / wing
42 TEJERIZO, Roberto (Tucumán Lawn Tennis, Tucumán) prop

Invitational Players
1 ALEMANO, Matías (La Tablada, Cordoba) secondrow
2 ALVARADO, Andrés (Liceo RC, Cuyo) prop
3 ANGELINETTI, Federico (San Cirano, URBA) secondrow
4 ARIAS, Damián (Lince RC, Tucumán) prop
5 BARAVALLE, Tomás (Jockey Club, Rosario) hooker
6 BORGHI, Tomás (SIC, URBA) secondrow
7 CRUZ HENESTROSA, Valentín (Pucará, URBA) flyhalf
8 FERRO, Rodrigo (Jockey Club, Tucumán) secondrow
9 FRUTTERO, César (Jockey Club de Villa María, Cordoba) secondrow
10 LAFONTANA, Juan Francisco (Gimnasia y Esgrima, Rosario) backrow
11 MARCHETTA, Jonathan (Pucará, URBA) prop
12 MASERA, Matías (Belgrano Athletic, URBA) fullback
13 MASSUCCO, Franco (Los Caranchos, Rosario) backrow
14 MORONI, Matías (CUBA, URBA) wing
15 MURER, Miguel (Jockey Club, Cordoba) prop
16 PONCE, Lucas (CUBA, URBA) secondrow
17 PROTO, Nicolás (Tucumán Lawn Tennis, Tucumán) backrow
18 SAENZ LANCUBA, Ignacio (San Cirano, URBA) prop
19 TOBAL, Santiago (La Tablada, Cordoba) centro
20 VILA, Gonzalo (Mendoza RC, Cuyo) backrow

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  1. Pampas XV 2012

    1. Bruno Postiglioni
    2. ?
    3. Nahuel Lobo
    4. Santiago Guzmán
    5. Mariano Galarza
    6. Genaro Fessia
    7. Julio Farías Cabello
    8. Alejandro Campos
    9. Martín Landajo
    10. Santiago González Iglesias
    11. Ramiro Moyano
    12. Gabriel Ascárate
    13. Jerónimo de la Fuente
    14. Manuel Montero
    15. Román Miralles

  2. Strong team there. Possibly Bruno Postiglione would be the hooker. If the backrow is as you select it then I´d assume Fessia would play 8 and Campos 6. But I think Tomás de la Vega is going to start as he is a genuine fetching backrower. Farías may be used more in the secondrow.

    Mariano Galarza is likely to captain the team.