Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spain hold off Uruguay for a 16-13 win in Madrid

Spain defeated Uruguay this afternoon in Madrid by a scoreline of 16-13 in what what a stereotypical game of two halves. The European won the first half, scoring sixteen points while the South Americans won the second scoring thirteen. Los Teros were 16-0 down at half time but turned the game on its head and very nearly won the match with Ormachea kicking a late penalty which was well struck buy fell short of the posts and with it, Los Teros´opportunity of a 2-0 European tour result was missed. The odd but highly interesting match ought to become a regular fixture with both sides being tier three teams who are not too far behind the second tier.

After struggling badly in the first half and making basic errors, Los Teros changed everything. Uruguay´s domination in the scrum became clear with the South Americans haveing the upper hand throughout the 40 minute period similarly to in last weekends match vs Portugal. Uruguay´s pressure was clear as Spain were outplayed in the forwards and also in the backs with Spain doing virtually everything wrong as they held on to win by the skin of their teeth. Uruguay only had itself to blame as not only did Los Teros fail to score a point in the first half but the the team had a horrible afternoon with goalkicking as they missed out on 18 potential points. The loss was, nevertheless, a vital experience for Uruguay and one which suggests the future is positive as the young Uruguay side came so close.

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