Thursday, November 10, 2011

How many drop goals has Juan Martín Hernández kicked for Argentina?

How many drop goals has Juan Martín Hernández kicked for Argentina?

The answer is six.

El Mago is famous for having a big boot and his drop goals in Rugby World Cup 2007 had a huge impact on Argentina, especially its match vs Ireland in Paris. His reputation subsequently became that he is a kicking machine who loves to take a pot at goal. Curiously, however his first ever drop goal was during the same World Cup when he slotted his first of three in the match vs the Irish. The second of the three dropgoals was a swift response to an Irish try which gave Argentina back the lead whilst the third was significant due to it being a left footed angled kick. One week latter Hernández slotted the fourth of his international career as he kicked another left-footed drop kick vs Scotland in the Quarter Final.

Since the success of Los Pumas at Rugby World Cup 2007, Hernández has not had a lot of game time due to injuries. He has missed far more matched than those which he has played in. Of the matches he has played in two were vs England in June 2009 and Hernández slotted one drop goal in each match. The first was from close range at Manchester as he looked to give Argentina an early lead in just the second minute of play. The second was in game two in Salta as he looked to extend Argentina´s lead over the English to get into the comfort zone.

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