Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brazilian Rugby Comercials

The Confederation of Brazilian Rugby (CBRu) in conjunction with the national teams main sponsor, Topper, has been taking an unsual path of promotting rugby in Brazil. The campaign has been recieving plenty of comments and questions from Brazilians as well as the general global public due to its humour approach of offering sarcastic reasoning for why rugby is going to be a big thing in Brazil. The campaign points to past results and past playing numbers and uses the figures from more recent times to indicate that the progress achieved by the sport in Brazil has been substantial. This may sound normal but the way it is done is sarcastic and intentionaly so. It has resulted in many people talking about it and it has been overwhelmingly talked of in a positive way ans has had the effect of aiding the growth of the sport in the country. Is it an interesting way of promoting rugby? See the video and decide for yourself.

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