Saturday, October 15, 2011

Uruguay Tour to Spain and Portugal

Uruguay is to play two tests in what is to be its first European tour since 1999 as Los Teros go up against Spain and Portugal in November. Uruguay´s last European tour was a series of wam-up matches before Rugby World Cup 1999 in which Los Teros faced Italy, Spain and Fiji in a series of matches in Italy. Uruguay has since played in the 2008 and 2009 IRB Nations Cups in Romania but has on no other occassion been on a European tour aside from in 1999. A severe lack of funding from the IRB has meant that Uruguay has simply not been able to afford to fly a squad of players and staff and as such the national side has been unable to develop and has not been up to the standards set by the team which competed at Rugby World Cup 1999 and 2003 and won a match both times. Uruguay can now begin its preperations to for Rugby World Cup 2015 qualification in a superior manner to that of previous campaigns. The two test tour which sees Uruguay face Spain on November 15 and Portugal on November 22 is to follow a set of two matches against Los Jaguares (Argentina A) to take place on October 26 and November 02.

The team is coached by Sebastián Piñeyrúa with former Uruguay international and European professional player, Pablo Lemoine second in command. If this wasn´t good enough the future Los Teros looks even better with the help of Frenchman, Bernard Charryere who has been assisting Uruguay for the past few months. The coaching panel has named a 34 man squad for the set of four matches with the most notable point being the selection of former captain, Rodrigo Capó Ortega, who was reported by French sources last year to have retired from international rugby. The Castres forward has not played for Uruguay since November 2009 when Los Teros faced the USA in a home and away series with the Eagles winning both matches to qualify for Rugby World Cup 2011. The squad also incldues eight players from Carrasco Polo, five from Trebol, four from the Old Christians club, four from PSG, three from Champagnat, two from Los Cuervos, two from MVCC, one from the Lobos and two from Argentine clubs - veteran prop Alejo Corral from SIC and from secondrower Juan Tabárez Belgrano.

Uruguay Squad

Alejo Corral (SIC, Argentina)
Francisco Jimenez Champagnat
Oscar Duran (Carrasco Polo)
Juan Pedro Rombys (Trebol)
Rodolfo de Mula (PSG)

Nicolás Klappenbach (Champagnat)
Arturo Ávalo (Carrasco Polo)
Carlos Arboleya (Trebol)

Juan Tabárez (Belgrano, Argentina)
Diego Magno (MVCC)
Cristofer Soares De Lima (MVCC)
Mathias Palomeque (Trebol)

Rodrigo Capó Ortega (Castres, France)
Juan Diego Ormaechea (Carrasco Polo)
Gonzalo Campomar (Carrasco Polo)
Alfredo Giuria (Los Cuervos)
Juan Manuel Gaminara (Old Boys)
Matias Braun (PSG)
Ignacio Grignola (Trebol)

Manuel Martinez (Old Christians)
Guillermo Lijtenstein (Trebol)
Francisco Vecino (Carrasco Polo)

Matias Arocena (Old Christians)
Felipe Berchesi (Carrasco Polo)

Juan De Freitas (Champagnat)
Rodrigo Martinez Rodrigo (Carrasco Polo)
Agustín Ormaechea (Carrasco Polo)
Alberto Roman (PSG)

Back Three
Gaston Mieres (Lobos)
Adrain Lewis (Los Cuervos)
Federico Favaro (Old Christians)
Leandro Leivas (Old Christians)
Ivo Dugonjic (PSG)
Juan Pablo Durán (Trebol)
October 26 Los Jaguares vs Uruguay
November 02 Los Jaguares vs Uruguay
November 15 Portugal vs Spain
November 22 Portugal vs Uruguay


  1. Diego Ormaechea? I don't think he's playing he's in his 50's now!

  2. Yes, the former Teros captain and coach, Diego Ormaechea is 52 years old. The player selected for the current squad, Juan Diego Ormaechea, also comes from Carrasco Polo Club but is a different player.