Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pan American Games Rugby Sevens - Preview Guyana

Guyana earned its spot in the Pan American Games by being crowned Rugby Sevens Champions of the Caribbean. Despite being located in South America and bordering such countries as Brazil and Venezuela, Guyana is very much a part of the Caribbean for the simple reason of its British colonizers. In the British sport of cricket, for instance, Guyana forms a part of the international side known as the West Indies who are mutlipe time former world champions. Guyana´s place as a former British Colony also explains its participation in the Commonwealth Games. The extent of the country´s unity with its English speaking neighbours in the Caribbean means Guyana is not a part of CONSUR but rather NACRA. CONSUR is the governing body of rugby in South America while NACRA is the governing body of North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Guyana is a part of NACRA but its neighbour, Venezuela is a member of CONSUR due to its ties to the premoninantly Spanish speaking countries that make up CONSUR.
In rugby terms Guyana is considered as being a developing country. The national team has demonstrated on-field progress. Such an example occured in the Semi Finals of the 2010 NACRA Rugby Sevens when Guyana defeated Mexico 19-7 to qualify for the Las Vegas Sevens event. Guyana has competed at the event for the past two years and has certainly had success. Despite not being winless, Guyana geld France to a 12-12 draw in 2010 which is considered as being the crowning point in the history of Guyanan rugby.

Guyana Squad

Ryan Gonsalves (captain)
Walter George
Breon Walks
Vallon Adams
Dominique Lespierre
Dwayne Schroeder
Richard Staglon
Rupert Giles
Kevin McKenzie
Claudius Butts
Leon Greaves
Ryan Mayers

Las Vegas Sevens 2010 - France vs Guyana

Las Vegas Sevens 2010 - USA vs Guyana

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