Friday, October 14, 2011

The countdown is on - Adam Kleberger to share the beard

Canadian international backrower, Adam Kleeberger is to be clean shaven on October 17 as he lives up to his promise of shaving the beard after Rugby World Cup 2011. The 27 year old was a popular figure with New Zealanders and the global rugby media too as he become a star attraction for his on-field determination which was highly visible due to the size of his beard. The facial hair can attract attention but it was he himself who did the talking, particularly vs Tonga as Kleeberger picked up the man of the match performance based on his high tackle rate and general workload. Kleeberger is making the most of the promise to get rid of his beard as he is to make an event out of it in the name of charity. It is to be removed in three days time in Victoria, British Columbia by CBC comic Rick Mercer and will feature on an upcoming episode of Mercer Report, in an effort to give back to two charities that Kleeberger says are important to him.

Adam Kleeberger is calling upon Canadian rugby fans to support the Shear the Beard campaign in one of the following two ways. Because of the great support shown to the Canadian team by New Zealanders during its time at the tournament, Kleeberger is urging donations that would go to helping rebuild Christchurch, the town that was nearly leveled by an earthquake this past February and led to World Cup games being pulled out of the area to other cities around New Zealand. To participate in fund raising for Christchurch Earthquake Relief go to

In Canada Kleeberger would like to see supporters donate to his Movember page. Movember,, the month formerly known as November, is a month-long campaign where men start clean-shaven and grow a moustache to raise awareness and funds for cancers affecting men, specifically prostate cancer. Kleeberger's 'Shear the Beard' will get him ready to grow a big hairy ribbon for 30 days starting Movember 1, 2011. To support Adam's Movember campaign - go to

In an interview with Rugby Canada, Kleeberger comented that "Having the beard has been interesting, but frankly I am ready to have my face back in prep of crafting a Mo," explained Kleeberger, who is still in New Zealand vacationing with family until just prior to the event on October 17th. "It will be good to take this off - but if I can raise money for some good causes as well - then I can stand it for another couple of weeks." Details of where and when Adam will have his beard sheared on the 17th will be revealed in the next few days but in the mean time use Facebook and Twitter tools on both websites to spread the appeal through all these popular social networks.

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