Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brazil to bid for Rugby World Cup 2023

The President of the Confederation of Brazilian Rugby (CBRu), Sami Arap told Brazilian rugby website, blogdorugby, that Brazil intends on being a candidade to host Rugby World Cup 2023. Arap participated in last weeks IRB General Assembly in Auckland, New Zealand and engaged in a series of discussions with fellow IRB union members in relation to the central theme of the event - the Growth Rugby in the World. Arap told blogdorugby that the Presidents were separated according to language and were allocated tables for discussion. Thus, rather than having a conversation with the familiar CONSUR members, Arap was allocated to a European-African table alongside the Presidents of Ireland, South Africa, the British Virgin Islands, Holland, Zambia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The discussion involved a variety of themes relating to the growth and security of rugby as well as the impact that Rugby Sevens could have on Rugby Union itself. The differences in the level of rugby played amongst different countries according to the First, second and third tier system recieved plenty of attention with the members underlining the significant improvements at New Zealand 2011 with the majority of matches being closer than at previous World Cup´s.

The IRB showed a keen interest in investing in the future of countries with a tradition in rugby such as Brazil and China. Of the four presentations that took place at the General Assembly one of them was given by Brazil. According to Arap, the model put forward by the CBRu recieved praise from the assembly due to the results that Brazil has achieved in recent years and the plan set forward covering the period of 2010-2030 for Brazilian rugby. Arap also took the opportunity to request more international matches for Brazil and announced the countries bid to host Rugby World Cup 2023. It would be the first Rugby World Cup in the Americas and would be comparable to Qatar hosting the Soccer World Cup as the country is yet to play in a Rugby World Cup. Brazil was to bid to host the 2013 Rugby Sevens World Cup but withdrew its application before Russia was awarded the event. The announcement comes weeks after former Argentina captain, Agustín Pichot confirmed the intention of the Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) to host Rugby World Cup 2023. Pichot revealed his intentions to colaborate with Brazil, Chile and Uruguay as two options would be considered - either Argentina acting as a solo host or allocating some matches to some or all of Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

Two other unions have also announced their intentions of bidding to host Rugby World Cup 2023. South Africa, who hosted Rugby World Cup 1995, intend on bidding after they failed to win hosting rights to Rugby World Cup´s 2011, 2015 and 2019. Russia has also confirmed its interest on the unions´ official website. Yet to be confirmed, Italy may also bid for Rugby World Cup 2023 after the European country failed to secure hosting rights to Rugby World Cup 2015 and 2019 but put forward a strong bid. It is likely to be considered the best European option, ahead of Russia. Of all the possibilities, Argentina remains the strongest candidate due to the quality of the countries national team, the history of host nations and the countries clear ability to meet all the conditions of being a host nation. Brazil, as an option, appears largely to be a big gamble given the country´s lack of Rugby World Cup experience and third tier status.

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  1. Argentina deserves to host 2023 RWC, but it would be super nice if Brazil, Chile and Uruguay could host a few matches too!