Monday, September 12, 2011

What about Argentina´s opponents?

Following Argentina´s opening 13-9 loss to England in Dunedin, the sides are preparing for the second match of the tournament. England are to take on Georgia on Sunday while Los Pumas will face Romania on Saturday. Romania´s first match was vs Scotland in Invercargill on Saturday, several hours before the battle of Dunedin. Romania were written-off as having no chance of competing against Scotland but the Scot´s found themselves in big trouble with the scored tied at 24-24 late in the game. Two tries in the final eight minutes saw Scotland sneak home to win 24-24 and score a bonus point to go top of Pool B. They´ll take on Georgia on Wednesday in their second Rugby World Cup 2011 match. Like the first it will be played in Invercargill. Argentina will be following the match closely as Los Pumas face Scotland one week after Romania and then face Georgia on the final day of Pool competition, October 02. Argentina will not be taking Romania lightly, not after Scotland were given a big scare. Similar things can be said of the France vs Japan match with the Europeans leading only by 4 points well into the secondhalf.

Much of the reason behind the view that the First Tier teams are in a league of their own is the results of previous Rugby World Cup matches. Eight years ago, Australia hosted Rugby World Cup 2003 which had a huge prportion of lop-sided matches. Argentina defeated Romania 50-3 and France were far better vs Japan than they were on Saturday in their opening match for the current Rugby World Cup. During that time teams recieved little in the way of economic help from the IRB. As such the professional teams were far ahead of others. Since then, with changes, sides are increasingly competitive and are showing this on the field. Rugby, in other words, is not restricted to a few places. It certainly is a global sport and the more sides that can be economically aided the better. This is further reason in why Argentina is the ideal candidate to host Rugby World Cup 2023. As a new host, in a new continent and speaking a different language, Argentina has so much to offer the rugby community.


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