Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rodrigo Capó talks about Mate with the French Rugby Media

Former Uruguayan backrower and captain, Rodrigo Capó is a well known player in France due to his huge on field influence of big tackles and powerful ball carrying abilities. He is an unknown quantity in a number of other ways, however given that he is from Uruguay and is the only player from the country competing in the Top 14. 

Capó was Uruguay´s best player at Rugby World Cup 2003 in Australia and has been an ever-present force for Castres in France for a number of years. In addition to bringing with him a powerful straight-forward approach to rugby, Capó has also bought with him some tea. 

Much to the delight of the on-looking French media, Capó is shown, in the subsequent video, drinking maté in the locker room as he prepares to take the field for Castres. Curious, as to what he was drinking, the French media interviewed Capó after the match to find out a little about the Uruguayan forwards´ magical potion.

Capó points out that it is not magic, but is exciting much like the French and coffee. Mate is yet another example of the wonders of South America and why Rugby World Cup 2023 needs to be held in Argentina.

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