Friday, September 16, 2011

Canada Beardos‏

After more than six months without shaving the Canadian forward trio of prop Hubert Buydens, secondrower Jebb Sinclair and backrower Adam Kleeberger have attracted much attention for their appearances. They are all a part of Canada´s Rugby World Cup squad and all put in good performances in Canada´s 25-20 opening match victory vs Tonga on Wednesday. The trio were all highly visible due to, not only their on field contributions, but also their beards. The trio have agreed wto keep the beards until after Rugby World Cup 2011. It all started at the begining of the year when Buydens and Sinclair were playing in Northern Wales and decided to grow bears. Upon returning to Canada they discovered that Kleeberger had an even bigger one. The beards are popular with fellow Canadian international players but not so much with their families.

The beards will be in action oagain on Sunday as Canada plays its second match of the tournament in Napier vs France.

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