Friday, August 12, 2011

CONSUR announce breakthrough changes for 2012

On Wednesday the Confederação Sur Americana de Rugby (CONSUR) announced changes in the format of the South American Rugby Championship. Starting in 2012 the South American A tournament will be officially considered as the elite group of South America and will adopt a system in which all competitors face eachother. This break-through change means that in 2012 Brazil will face Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Until 2011 the tournament was structured so that the regions giant, Argentina, would face off against the winner of the CONSUR A tournament and the runners-up. The structure meant that Argentina infact did not play in the CONSUR A tournament, instead Los Pumas took on the two top sides with the other two competitors, Brazil and Paraguay, not playing against South America´s number one side. This change confirms that in 2012 the CONSUR A tournament will consist of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay and also that CONSUR B will consist of Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. Both tournaments will be played in the first half of the year with the bottom played side from CONSUR A squaring off against the top placed side from CONSUR B to determine the participants for the subsequent year.

There have also been changes at the under 19 level. The sides that play in the CONSUR A and CONSUR B tournaments at senior level will play in the Campeonato Sur Americano which is to take place in Asunción, Paraguay in September 2011. The team that finishes in fifth place will dispute the CONSUR B tournament from 2012 and the process of promotion and relegation with occur every two years. In addition, CONSUR has created a new tournament for developing countries in South America as well as Central America. it is to be CONSUR C. The tournament is to consist of  Costa Rica, Equador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panamá and possibly also Nicarágua. CONSUR C is only going to include mens rugby whole both CONSUR A and B will have womens rugby. Costa Rica had been playing in CONSUR B in recent years while the remaining teams are all new to the senior level competition. The distibution of countries will make for vastly more competitive divisions and will do plenty to assist the growth of rugby across Latin America.

It has also been confirmed that the CONSUR Sevens tournament will be expanded to include more teams. The 2012 addition of the tournament will include both the mens and womens teams from all of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Both Costa Rica and Equador are also going to officially be invited to participate as will Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Panamá, Nicaragua and Bolivia but they will all need to fund their own travel costs, accomodation and other additional costs. If all participate the CONSUR Sevens would have 16 teams. The 2011 event was held in Bento Gonçalvez, Brazil and was a huge suceess. The expansion marks clear progress in South American rugby and a notion of helping the development of the sport outside of the region to include Central America. It is further indication of the organizational improvements of rugby administrations in not only Argentina but also the Americas as a whole - the only region that will not have hosted a Rugby World Cup in 2019.

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  1. Que excelente oportunidad para todos los paises con rugby en desarollo como Nicaragua y el resto de la region. Muy bien por la CONSUR!