Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brazilian Rugby at an all time high yet only starting.

Brazilian rugby is on an all time high and is recieving accolades from neighbours Argentina and even from the highest rugby authority, the IRB. The global governing body of rugby broadcast a piece on rugby in Brazil on its weekly show, Total Rugby and talked up the state of rugby in the country and the future of the sport. Substantial progress has been made but it is merely the start of greater things to come. Brazilian authorities even dare suggest that Brazil could qualify for Rugby World Cup 2015 with the national coach, Rodrigo Camardon confident in the future of Brazilian rugby.

The growth has been unprecedented and the countries number of players, teams and competitions continues to see significant growth but there is a lot to do, infact a huge amount. The good news in this regard is that the CBRu and CONSUR both acknowledge this and seem to be on the same page. Without question the growth of the sport is related to multiple factos but the overpowering one is Los Pumas. The Argentine national team has done wonders for the profile of rugby in the continent and in addition to encouraging the growth of rugby it is even eroding the age-old rivalries between countries such as Argentina and Brazil to the extent that Argentina are looked up to and considered heroes - something impossible in other sports, notably soccer.

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  1. there are a couple massive guys in that Brazil team!!!