Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brazilian Championship - Super 10 Round One Results!

Round one of the Brazilian national championship took place on Saturday with eight of the ten sides in action., The championship has expanded for 2011 and as such has changed its name from the Super 8 to the Super 10.  The expansion coincides with the growth of the sport in the country as rugby continues to break new ground in much of the country. Of the ten teams in the Super 10, six of Brazil´s states are represented. The giants of Brazilian rugby, São José Rugby are one of five teams from São Paulo state and the only one not from São Paulo city. São José hosted Farrapos from Brazil´s southern most state, Rio Grande do Sul and impressed as they ran in a 58-17 victory. It was a big win but there was an identical state in the capital of Minas Gerias state as Belo Horizonte hosted Desterro of Santa Catarina with the visitors standing in notching up a 58-17 win. The French club of Brazil, Pasteur hosted Unibrasil/CRC (Curitiba) of Paraná state and showed why São Paulo is conidered as the stronghold of Brazilian rugby as Pasteur completed a 21-3 victory. The rounds other match took place in São Paulo with a derby between two of the country´s biggest names in SPAC and Rio Branco. In a tight fought contest, Rio Branco pulled off a 13-8 victory thanks to a late try.

The second round will take place on August 13 with the tournaments two other teams, Niterói of Rio de Janeiro and Bandeirantes of São Paulo both playing their first match. Desterro will play host to Bandeirantes in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Unibrasil/CRC will host Belo Horizonte in Curitiba, Paraná, Niterói will host São José in Niterói which sits across the bay from Rio de Janeiro city and Farrapos will play host to Rio Branco in Rio Grande do Sul. Farrapos are considered to have the biggest fan base in Brazil. The clubs city of Bento Gonçalves was the host of the 2011 CONSUR Sevens tournament in which Brazil made history in knocking over Argentina. The Brazilian Super 10 underlines the growth of rugby in Brazil and in South America as a whole. The success of Argentina has resulted in rugby expanding its borders into more parts of the continent with Brazil looming as the nest Russia.

SPAC vs Rio Branco

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