Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rugby Sevens and Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

This past Sunday marked the official four year countdown to the 2015 Pan American Games which will be hosted by Canada´s largest city, Toronto. According to the governing body of Canadian rugby, Rugby Canada, it s to be the largest ever sporting event held in the country. The CN Tower in Toronto was lit up on Sunday showcasing the red, blue and green brand colours to celebrate the official four-year countdown to Toronto 2015. The event including 42 countries from North and South America and it 2015 will involve more than 10,000 athletes going for gold. Spread over eight days the Games will de held from August 7-14, 2015 in what is to be Canada´s third time as host after the central Canadian city of Winnipeg hosted in 1967 and 1999.

Rugby Sevens will be a key sport at Toronto 2015 and the games are to be utilized by the countries rugby authorities to help grow the sport. It is to be nothing less than an unmissable opportunity in which the sport can be shown to Canadians in a gloabally significant event in which Canada will be a strong medal candidate and will indeed go for gold in both the mens and womens categories. It is to be the second Pan American Games featuring Rugby Sevens following Guadalajara 2011.

With Thanks www.toronto2015.org and www.rugbycanada.ca


  1. In this year (2011) the Rugby Sevens will be played in the Panamerican Games of Guadalajara, México.



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