Thursday, July 28, 2011

Path to Professionalism in Argentina - The UAR is to contract Players

In an interview with Argentine website,, The chairman of the subcommittee on high-performance UAR, Manuel Galindo, talked about various of what are the key issues facing the UAR in terms of the present and future of rugby in Argentina. Manuel Galindo is the father of Argentine international backrower and Racing Metro star, Alvaro Galindo.

In order for Argentine rugby to kick on and indeed be successful in the future, Galindo says that the UAR intends to sign players to play for Argentina, as permitted by Article 3 of the IRB charter. He suggests that after France 2007, , the French realized that the Argentine players were starters in French Top 14 Orange teams and their players were substitutes and so there has since been a move to limit the entry of foreigners. The same thing has happened in the U.K. For this reason, Argentina needs to give players international experience and to have them contracted to the UAR.

Galindo contends that the Vodacom Cup is a positive start but Argentina needs to move on. In his view the Vodacom Cup was useful to demonstrate that with serious work, Argentina rugby can achieve significant results. The tournament, however, is complicated in large part due to the cost which is very high and was not self-financing. Argentina needs to have a tournament that is is self-financing. For Galindo, the UAR must make money from means beyond Los Pumas´ matches. He points out that the UAR wants to generate revenue by seizing on the Puma Phenomenon. Of the UAR´s total budget 35% goes to rugby base and in the country there are 250 elite players with around 100,000 players in total.  Argentina has a budget of around 10 million pesos while England, in comparison, has one of 170 million pounds.

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Interview with former coach, Marcelo Loffreda about Los Pampas XV, Argentina Rugby and PladAR.

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  1. Paul

    IMO, this is a necessary (and long overdue)step to full professionalism for the UAR. Slowly, the "amateur ethos" of the old guard is being chipped away. I believe the future of Argentine rugby belongs with SANZAR. In 2012, the Four Nations Tournament begins, and I don't think it will be very long before Super Rugby is expanded to include Argentina as well.