Thursday, July 21, 2011

CONSUR XV Squad confirmed

The Confederación Sudamericana de Rugby (CONSUR) has confirmed its squad of 23 players to take on Los Pumas next month. The squad is a list of players from across South America with talent from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela teaming up with ten players from Argentina. The game will be played on August 06 in the Western Argentine city of San Juan at the brand new estadio del Bicentenario. It is to be Argentina´s final home match before Rugby World Cup 2011 and the game will not only be a celebration of South American rugby but will also see a trophy contested, known as the Copa Visa. The CONSUR XV represents a rebirth of the South American Jaguars who played international rugby vs South Africa during the era of apartheid for the reason that official internationals between South Africa and other countries were banned. In preparing for France 2007, Argentina faced Chile in Buenos Aires and completed a comfortable win. This time around it is hoped that the opposition will not only be a bigger challenge but that the occassion will be able to be appreciated by all of South American rugby.



Emiliano Coria (Lince, Argentina)
Francisco Gómez Kodela (Belgrano Athletic, Argentina)
Francisco Deformes (Old Mackayan's, Chile)
Carlos Arboleya (Trebol, Uruguay)
Julio César Henrique Figalo "Panda" (Niterói, Brazil)
Sebastian Velarde-Alvarez Clark (Universidad de Lima, Peru)


Felipe Aranguren (CUBA, Argentina)
Hugo Schierano (Tala, Argentina)
Matias Cabrera, (Old Boys, Chile)


Ignacio Pasman (Champagnat, Argentina)
Lisandro Ahualli de Chazal (Universitario, Argentina)
Germán Suazo (Stade Français, Chile)
Luis Alfredo Zamora Petit (Universidad Central, Venezuela)


Santiago Méndez (SIC, Argentina)


Benjamin Madero (SIC, Argentina)
Lucas Rodrigues Duque "Tank" (São José, Brazil)
José Manuel Diosa Gomez (Gatos de Medellín, Colombia)


Alberto Román (PSG, Uruguay)
Lisandro Gómez Lopez (La Tablada, Argentina)
Lucas Leiva (Old Christian's Club, Uruguay)


Luna, Fernando (Cordoba Athletic, Argentina)
Felipe Brangier (PWCC, Chile)


Gastón Mieres (Lobos Rugby, Uruguay)

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