Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Argentina vs CONSUR XV - José Manuel Diosa of Colombia selected

Now sixteen players are confrirmed for the ground-breaking fixture to take place next month in the Argentine city of San Juan with the confirmation that José Manuel Diosa of Colombia will play for the CONSUR XV (South America XV) vs Argentina. Chile will have four players and three have been confirmed in the form of Germán Suazo (Stade Francais, Chile), Francisco Cabrera (Old Boys, Chile) and Francisco Deformes (Old Macks, Chile). Brazil will have two players with Lucas Duque (São José, Brazil) and Julio Cesar Figalo (Niteroi, Brazil) also both confirmed for the fixture. Argentina is to have ten players in the CONSUR XV side but noe so far have been named nor have any from Uruguay who are to have four players. The match is to be Argentina´s final home fixture before Rugby World Cup 2011.

José Manuel Diosa Diosa took up rugby four years ago after his mother had been spoken to by his high school directors about the possibility of expulsion. Diosa, like many taking up the sport in Colombia, comes from a poor background which in Colombia can be dangerous due to the crime rate and drug scene in his city of Medellin. He has not only succeeded in becoming a quality rugby player but is using his experience to act as a role model for the youth of Medellin.

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