Thursday, June 23, 2011

Basic mistakes let down Canada in Churchill Cup Final

Canada finished second in the 2011 Churchill Cup after going down 37-6 to the England Saxons on Saturday. The professional make up of the English side proved to be the difference but Canada performed well despite letting themselves down with basic errors. It was a close contest in the first half with England leading 15-6 at the break but the secondhalf was an entirely different affair as the scorecard blew out. Despite the loss, Canada walked away knoing that they had performed well in the competition and were in good shape heading into the final stage of preperation for Rugby World Cup 2011. A number of players put their hands up for places in the Canadian World Cup squad with notably backrower, Chauncey O´Toole winning the prestigious player of the tournament award.

The final was in fact the last ever Churchill Cup match as the compeition will not be continued in the future. In its place both Canada and the United States will be involved in June international tours in a similar fashion to Argentina as part of the IRB´s global rugby calendar which is to start in 2012. This will see both Canada and the USA recieving an increased number of high profile international visitors and playing a greater number of test matches and opponents.

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