Thursday, May 5, 2011

Todd Clever talks about Intensity and the World Cup

With only four months to go until Rugby World Cup 2011 the IRB and Rugby World Cup limited are heavilly involved in promoting the event. Curiously, despite being the only region of the planet to have never hosted a Rugby World Cup or who will not have done so by 2019, two out of six of the IRB´s Rugby World Cup Values preview series are from the Americas. Former Pumas fullback, Ignacio Corleto, was featured in the video titled camaraderie and United States Eagles captain, Todd Clever, talked to the IRB about intensity as featured in the following video. Clever gives an inside look at the USA´s preperations for New Zealand 2011 and the importance of the tournament for USA rugby.

The message to the world from the video series is the global game and therefore the IRB should, without question, get behind Rugby World Cup - Argentina 2023 to help bring the tournament to the Americas for the first time. Unlike, South Africa, Argentina has never hosted a Rugby World Cup tournament. But like South Africa the host is a world class team and has a proven record of hosting big events and rugby happens to be an important sport in the country.

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