Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pumas Pride

When Japan hosts Rugby World Cup 2019, the Americas will be only IRB region to never have hosted a Rugby World Cup. The Americas is thus overdue to host and Argentina´s position in the world underwrites the country´s credentials as a future host. But, there are many more compelling reasons than this to award Argentina with hosting rights for Rugby World Cup 2023. One such example is Pumas Pride. Argentina, win lose or draw, play with something that most teams can only dream of having. The visible pride of Los Pumas players in respresenting their country has been a feature of global rugby for some time. Importantly, Argentina could put on an amazing show to the world in hosting Rugby World Cup 2023 by taking the pride to the people which in turn would have other spin-off´s such as the sport growing in the region.

Argentina´s impressive run at France 2007 which saw the South Americans finish third in the world truely took the rugby world by storm and left as lasting impression on viewers world wide. in the eyes of many is the most memorable part of Rugby World Cup 2007 was indeed Los Pumas as Argentina showed the world that rugby is a global game and will increasingly be so in the future. The performances of Los Pumas were characterized by pride in representing Argentina and playing together with a group of friends who would do anything for one another. The powerful message continue to this day with numerous dedications to the performance of Argentina at France 2007 and the following video is a case in point.

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