Monday, May 2, 2011


Why should Argentina host Rugby World Cup 2023?

A simple question with multiple answers due to the importance of the Rugby World Cup and the sport in the country of Argentina. One compeling reason is something that the national team, Los Pumas, are famous for - camaraderie. 

Los Pumas have long been considered to play together in a spirit of familiarity with mutual trust that exists betweenthe players who are close friends but this was never as apparent as in Rugby World Cup 2007 when the South American playerss took the world by storm in demonstrating on field cohesion and respect for each other. 

 With New Zealand 2011 approaching quickly, Rugby World Cup limited has a series of videos to promote the 2011 tournament. The series involves international players and themes with retired Argentina fullback, Ignacio Corleto in a feature video titled camaraderie. Corleto speaks about the importance of unity for Argentina rugby and the changing nature of the sport since the game went professional. With so many changes in the sport ranging from strategy the laws of the game, one thing that Argentina has been able to hold onto firmly is camaraderie. 

Corleto suggests that it is something that singles out Argentina and can explain the teams success on the global stage. A team does not have to have the best XV players on the planet, rather it is more important to be united and work as one. This trait, according to Corleto, is a Los Pumas trademark. It unquestionably is a key factor that underlines why Argentina should host Rugby World Cup 2023.  

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