Friday, May 6, 2011

Brazil name team for 2011 Sul Americano

The fourth ranked team in South America, Brazil, has named its squad of playing forthe upcoming Campeonato Sul-Americano (South American Rugby Championship) to be played in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. Brazil´s national coach, Rodrigo "Toto" Camardon, from Argentina named a squad of 25 players for the event which will be played from May 12-21. According to comments made from Camardon and the voice of Brazilian rugby on ESPN, Antonio Martoni, Brazil´s preperation has taken a step up from previous years and the team should be competitive. Brazil´s results in the 2010 addition were the best in well over twenty years as Brazil restricted both Chile and Uruguay to far lower totals than usual. Brazil lost both matches but went on to defeat Paraguay 23-18 to take out third place in the event played in Chile.

The 2011 event could prove to be the most important in this history of Brazilian rugby as the top two sides from the event will go on to face Argentina in official test matches in 2012. It is a goal that is certainly not a dream for the Brazilian national team as massive strides have been made in recent years. However, the lack of funding CONSUR has means the tournament is to again be organized on a shoe-strong budget which will give the players a mere three days between matches. Brazil will play its three matches vs Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay over a seven day period. Brazil is due to travel to Puerto Iguazu on May the 10th but beforehand will take on Missiones Province in a warm-up match in the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu.

Brazil´s Match Schedule
May 14 Brazil vs Chile
May 17 Brazil vs Uruguay
May 20 Brazil vs Paraguay

Brazilian Squad

Antônio Górios - Rio Branco, São Paulo
Daniel Gregg - Niterói, Rio de Janeiro
Daniel Danielewicz - Desterro, Santa Catarina
Danilo Amaral - Rio Branco, São Paulo
David Grael - Niterói, São Paulo
Diego Lopez - Pasteur, São Paulo
Felipe Zeni - Pasteur, São Paulo
Felipe Claro - SPAC, São Paulo
Fernando Portugal - Bandeirantes, São Paulo
Gustavo Badino - Pasteur, São Paulo
João Carlos Orioli Junior - Pasteur, São Paulo
João Luiz da Ros - Desterro, Santa Catarina
Julian Menutti - Bandeirantes, São Paulo
Julio César Figalo - Niterói, Rio de Janeiro
Lucas Croffi - Pasteur, São Paulo
Lucas Duque - São José, São Paulo
Marcelo Danesin - Raça Ribeirão, São Paulo
Moisés Duque - São José, São Paulo
Pedro Manzini - Bandeirantes, São Paulo
Pedro Rosa - Bandeirantes, São Paulo
Rafael Dawailibi - São José, São Paulo
Ramiro Mina - Bandeirantes, São Paulo
Reges Portela - Desterro, Santa Catarina
Thiago Maihara - Pasteur, São Paulo
Vitor Bezerra - Potiguar, Rio Grande do Norte

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