Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brazil break the records in defeating Paraguay

Two winless sides went head-to-head on Friday on a mission of leaving the 2011 South American Championship with a victory. It was a case of two vastly different experiences as Brazil performed well against both Chile and Uruguay earlier in the week whilst Paraguay had been outclassed and gone down by big scores. Nonetheless, Paraguay were targetting a win and Brazil were looking to maintain its rest superiority over La Yacares in recent years. Brazil had had a successful but winless set of games vs Chile and Uruguay by playing running rugby, utilizing backs more than usual and as such succeeding in a variety of areas of their game. Paraguay, in contrast, had appeared to have significant problems in the defensive line and as such Brazil were looking like favorites to notch up a good win.

The extent of the win surprized everybody as Brazil made history in breaking the records to win by the biggest margin in the history of international matches between the two countries. The 51-14 win surpassed Brazil´s previous biggest win of 40-19 in 1989. The result was Brazil´s biggest win in a Sul Americano A match and underlines the teams progress in recent years. The first points were scored in the eleventh minute of play as secondrower Vitor Medeiros went over for a try which Julian Menutti converted. Paraguay hit back with a penalty goal in the seventeenth minute to Luís Reyes but Brazil had the better of play and scored two quick tries shortly after the penalty with João Luiz Da Rosa and Pedro Rosa scored two tires in three minutes following Paraguay´s penalty. Paraguay persisted, however and Luís Reyes slotted two penalties to make it 17-9 in the twenty-fourth minute. Backrower Pedro Rosa scored his second try to put Brazil ahead 22-9 shortly before centre Moises Duque made it 27-9 with eleven minutes remanining in the first half. Brazil´s replacement fullback, Thiago Maihara scored early in the secondhalf  to extend Brazil´s lead and winger Julian Menutti scored a few minutes latter to put Brazil ahead 37-9 in with thirty minutes remaining. La Yacares scored a try in the fifty-second minute thorugh Fabrizio Da Rosa but Paraguay would not score again. Brazil, in contrast, went over for two tries in the final twenty minutes with backrower de Joao Carlos Orioli Junior and Lucas Duque both scoring and Duque converting both to give Brazil a 51–14 win.


1 Danilo Lima
2 Daniel Danielewicz
3 Julio Figalo
4 Vitor Medeiros
5 Antonio Gorios (capitan)
6 Joao Carlos Orioli Junior
7 Pedro Rosa
8 Joao Luiz Da Rosa
9 Felipe Claro
10 Lucas Duque
11 Julian Menutti
12 Fernando Portugal
13 Moises Duque
14 Daniel Gregg
15 Rafael Dawailibi

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