Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Ten Most Important Tries by Los Pumas

Argentine rugby show Leyendas del Rugby or Legends of Rugby in English recently featured a top ten list of the most important tries scored in the history of Los Pumas rugby. The list features some of Argentina´s most important victories as well as not only some of the greatest players in the history of Argentine rugby but indeed the global game. Naturally the top three feature tries from and leading up to France 2007 with the top two going to definitive tries that saw Argentina win key matches in the tournament. The selection ranges over a period of over forty years and begins with classic try scored vs South Africa in 1965.

Top 10 list

1. Gonzalo Longo vs Scotland, Rugby World Cup 2007
2. Ignacio Corleto vs France, Rugby World Cup 2007
3. Federico Todechini vs England, 2006
4. Diego Albanese vs Ireland, Rugby World Cup 1999
5. Fabián Turnes vs France, 1985
6. Petersen vs Australia, 1983
7. Hugo Porta vs South Africa, 1982
8. Campo vs England, 1978
9. Gaweloose vs Wales, 1976
10. Pascual vs South Africa, 1965

Enjoy the video!

With Thanks: Leyendas del Rugby

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