Saturday, March 5, 2011

Canadian Rugby Championship 2011

The governing body of Canadian Rugby - Rugby Canada have announced details for the third addition of the Canadian Rugby Championship (CRC) which is to be played in an expanded format from July-September this year. The season has expanded so that each of the four Canadian sides will play five matches which means there will be a total of ten games which is an increase of three from the seven tournament matches in 2010. Each team will also have pre-season friendly matches to give them increased preperation and should put the players in better condition for the CRC and, indeed, give Canada selectors a better look at players ahead of Rugby World Cup 2011.

In the words of Rugby Canada the format is to replicate that used in the Six Nations and Tri-Nations tournaments in that it will see teams from Western Canada host teams from Eastern Canada for three games and them go on the road for two, while the teams from Eastern Canada will have the reverse schedule. The defending champions, Eastern Canadian side and 2010 champions, The Rock will open the season with an away match against 2009 CRC winners the British Columbia Bears on July 30th in Vancouver. The Bears had a poor season in 2010, finishing last after losing all their matches. On the same day the 2010 runners-up, the Prairie Wolf Pack based in Calgary, Alberta, will host the Toronto based side the Ontario Blues at Calgary Rugby Park. The structure of the schedule has been intentionally designed for the roadtrips with The Rock playing in Vancouver and then Calgary in consecutive matches three days latter to cut down on costs. Ontario will similarly play in Calgary and then Vancouver on the same dates for the same reason.

2011 Canadian Rugby Championship Fixtures
Saturday July 30th BC Bears vs The Rock, Vancouver
Saturday July 30th Prairie Wolfpack vs Ontario Blues, Calgary
Tuesday August 2nd Prairie Wolf Pack vs The Rock, Calgary
Tuesday August 2nd BC Bears vs Ontario Blues, Vancouver
Saturday August 13th BC Bears vs Prairie Wolf Pack, Vancouver

Saturday August 20th The Rock vs Ontario Blues, St. Johns
Saturday August 20th Prairie Wolfpack vs BC Bears, Calgary

Saturday August 27th The Rock vs BC Bears, St. Johns
Saturday August 27th Ontario Blues vs Prarie Wolfpack, Toronto

Saturday September 3rd Ontario Blues vs The Rock, Toronto
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