Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Motivation and Heroes - the Los Pumas Story

Over three years on from Rugby World Cup 2007, the heroics that Argentina performed have been captured on a six minute video by a Pumas fan who has produced a video showing the highlights of all of Argentina´s matches at France 2007 and the team briefly training in Pensacola, Florida, USA before the tournament. The video is a showcase to the importance of team unity, collaboration and sacrifice. It is essentially a story of motivation and heroes. It shows the pride of wearing the Pumas jersey, the feeling of winning Rugby World Cup matches against elite opposition and also the sadness of losing a semi final. The players gave everything for their country and exited the tournament as heroes.

It is a video that should be seen by rugby fans worldwide as a means of motivation. It is also a testiment to the sport in Argentina as a South American country was able to finish third in the world after shaking up the global order - which many percieved as being unshakeable. The teams achivements did not start or finish at Rugby World Cup 2007. A clear statement was made to the world - the future will not be like the past. Countries once considered to have little interest in rugby will rise just like Argentina have to the point where Los Pumas draw huge crowds wherever they play in Argentina. The future of rugby is global and part of making this happen is by encouraging growth. Rugby World Cup 2023 should be hosted by Argentina.

With Thanks: Esquiavy82

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