Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rugby Growing in Colombia

The IRB´s weekly rugby program, Total Rugby recently aired a piece on the 2010 South American B Championship (CONSUR B) which took place in Colombia in late 2010. The tournament was a huge chance for Colombia to win at home and to build forward as they look to move up the South American ladder. It was not a successful tournament however as Colombia were defeated by Southern neighbours Peru in what was a shock defeat and they also fell to their eastern neighbours, Venezuela. Nevertheless, Colombia is a rugby nation on the rise and it has some very obtainable goals including reaching CONSUR Division 1.

The brief five minute documentary nevertheless paints a great picture of rugby in Colombia showing how far the game has come in such a short period of time and that it is another case in point of what is possible for international rugby in the region. Should Argentina host Rugby World Cup 2023 the profile of the sport in the region would clearly benefit greatly and it would have significant side effects such as contibuting to the lives of the middle and lower classes of people in places such as Colombia as touched on in the video.

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