Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Punta del Este Rugby Sevens 2011 - The Future is Brazil

This past weekend Uruguay´s famous beach town of Punta del Este played host to one of the premier events on the South American rugby calender - the Punta del Este Rugby Sevens. The two day event featured 18 teams from South America´s southern cone, including the national Sevens teams of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The tournament winners were nosurprize as they were the same as from 2010 - URBA as the Buenos Aires combined side defeated another Argentine team, the Northern Argentine city of Salta, 19-10 in the final.

Salta got to the final after winning their Pool in matches against Chile and Uruguayan club Old Boys. This put them into a Quarter Final against a mixed side,Toyota 7 which they won to qualify for the semi finals. Their opponent was Brazil who showed everybody just how much progress has indeed been made on the rugby field and that the countries rugby authorities are very much in preperation mode for hosting Rugby Sevens at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Brazil were not handed an easy draw, not at all. They got to the semi finals after wining their group which featured Lobos and Argentine Province Entre Rios before facing off in a true international vs Uruguay and winning 15-12 in a truely groundbreaking victory. Brazil fell short in the semifinal vs Salta in losing 14-7 but had unquestionably left their mark as a team of the future and the result was enough for them to officially finish in third place.

Brazil vs Entre Ríos - Second Half

Brazil vs Salta - First Half

Performances from the other South American countries was mixed. Paraguay were the most disappointing as they went through the tournament winless. Chile were quite unlucky as they started their campaign with a 10-5 win vs Old Boys before losing 7-5 to Salta in their second match. This meant they would not participate in the Cup Semi Finals. They did however have a Bowl Quarter Final which was against Paraguay and saw Chile win 19-10. Chile went on to face a mixed team in Moby Dick in the Bowl Semi final and were defeated 24-12. Uruguay performed well in the tournament as they went through thir pool without much oppositiona s they knocked over Nordeste 19-0 and Moby Dick 12-0 to go on to face Brazil and be favourites to advance to the Cup Semi Final. The unexpected loss to Brazil put Uruguay into the Plate Semi Final in a match vs Toyota 7 which Uruguay won 7-0. Curiously, this meant only Brazil had breached Uruguay´s try line in four matches. Their defence was not up to these standards in the sides final match, however, as Argentina´s second alrgest city, Córdoba won the Plate Final 19-14.

Match List

Salta 36-5 Old Boys
Entre Ríos 19-7 Lobos
Toyota 7 35-5 Paraguay
Noreste 5-7 Moby Dick
Bridgestone 7 14-24 Carrasco Polo
Citi 7 17-0 Old Christians
Chile 10-5 Old Boys
Brazil 15-0 Lobos
Paraguay 7-24 Rosario
Uruguay 19-0 Nordeste
URBA 14-10 Carrasco Polo
Córdoba 22-5 Old Christians
Chile 5-7 Salta
Brazil 5-0 Entre Ríos
Rosario 5-31 Toyota 7
Uruguay 12-0 Moby Dick
URBA 10-5 Bridgestone 7
Córdoba 10-14 Citi 7

Fixture Challenge
Old Christians 10-19 Nordeste

Bowl Quarter Finals
Bridgestone 7 7-31 Moby Dick
Paraguay 10-19 Chile
Old Boys 24-19 Entre Ríos
Lobos 12-17 Rosario

Cup Quarter Finals
Salta 12-7 Toyota 7
Brazil 15-12 Uruguay
URBA 19-0 Carrasco Polo
CITI 7 17-12 Córdoba

Bowl Semi FinalsMoby Dick 24-12 Chile
Old Boys 17-12 Rosario

Plate Semi Finals
Toyota 7 0-7 Uruguay
Carrasco Polo 7-19 Córdoba

Cup Semi Finals
Salta 14-7 Brazil
URBA 31-0 CITI 7

Bowl Final
Moby Dick 17-12 Rosario

Plate Final
Uruguay 14-19 Córdoba

Cup Final
Salta 10-19 URBA

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  1. Notably the progress of the Brazilian boys. By the Argentines sides, Salta is improving its Rugby's progress, as all the activities of the Province. Forty years ago, the Rugby was unknown in this Argentine Northern Province ( 1,600 kms from Buenos Aires, 350 from Tucumán and 950 from Córdoba). The Rugby was introduced in Salta by players of the Tucuman Union and students of Salta that were in the Tucumán Universities. Slowly in the beginnings and more improved in the last years, actually are playing in the Championship Zone of the Argentine of Unions. Few years ago, they defeat to Tucumán and by it, the 2nd powerful union in the country went down to the "B" category, were happiness they were only during a year.

    Salta is a beautiful province, which Capital city is actually the 9th or 10th by its population in the country, have many architectural and cultural treasuries of the Spanish era, and is one of the preferred sites of the not maritime touring activity in the Argentine.

    Is, also, and very important for me, the cradle of the best Argentine folkloric music and poetry. Salta deserves a visit. Its Rugby deserves much attention.

    Ncadario (