Thursday, December 22, 2011

Miguel Angel Coronel Densy - A professional player from Ecuador

During the round four wrap of the Amlin Challenge Cup it was reported that Spanish club, La Vila fielded a player from Ecuador in its match with French Top 14 side, Brive. A reader of Argentina 2023 could not believe that it was true. He requested a source to verify that it was true - afterall a player from Ecuador playing professional rugby is a huge deal considering the country is not even a member of the IRB World Rankings nor a participant in CONSUR A or CONSUR B. It must be a hoax, surely? No, it is accurate. Miguel Angel Coronel Densy was born on  April 6th 1989 in Ecuador´s largest city, Santiago de Guayaquil (more commonly refered to simply as Guayaquil). At 80KG he is a lightweight utility back but has succeeded in playing for La Vila in the Spanish domestic competition the División de Honor and for the club on the European stage as he faced Brive both home and away in the Amlin Challenge Cup. The official site of the Amlin Challenge Cup and the Heineken Cup lists the player by the name of Bambi Coronel Densy, but more importantly lists Ecuador as his country of birth.

When Japan host Rugby World Cup 2019 the Americas are going to be the only region that will not have hosted a World Cup. The region is also home to the only Semi Finalist to never have hosted a World Cup. But there is a lot more to offer the world than just a world class team. Los Pumas are a tier one side and will recieve a significant profile boost in the coming years following the teams inclusion into The Rugby Championship. It is no exaggeration to suggest that Argentina will become the obvious choice to host Rugby World Cup 2023. Through increased exposure the global rugby public will become more familiar with the potential the country offers. But, a World Cup in Argentina  would be about the region not just the country. Argentina would be representing all of South and North America. A player like Miguel Angel Coronel Densy or the Duque brothers  could simply be the tip of the iceburg.


  1. Whats his position?

  2. of course there is a rugby union in ecuador and it is recongnized by Consur in group C, Miguel para el campeonato sudamericano del grupo C en noviembre 2012 y el sudamericano de 7's de Consur, serás bienvenido a tu selección, we just formed our first ever 5's Rugby beach side for the December 2011 south americans beach games, next year we´ll show up our first 7's and XV national team

    Douglas Rodríguez
    National Coach

  3. I checked and Ecuador are not on the World Rankings. Imagine the possibilities.