Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brazil win Plate Final in the Seven del Pinamar

Brazil continue to look like a certain team to compete at a Rugby World Cup as the largest country in South America continues to achieve encouraging results in Rugby Sevens. This past weekend, Brazil continued to show the top dogs of South American rugby that they mean business when they backed up their fine performance at the Punta del Este Sevens in Uruguay earlier this month in claiming the Plate Final with a 7-0 victory over Argentine city Mar del Plata. The Cup Final was won by Córdoba who defeated Uruguay 19-12. The tournament was hosted in the Buenos Aires province beach city of Pinamar.

Brazil were drawn in Group A which was far tougher than Group B. Brazil went head to head with Argentina 7, Córdoba and Mar del Plata in Group A while Uruguay were in Group B alongside URBA, Paraguay and Entre Rios. Brazil overcome the highly unbalanced draw by defeating the host city of Pinamar with a comfortable 31-0 victory before then knocking over Mar del Plata in the final. The result suggests that Brazil will be joining Argentina, Chile and Uruguay as the fourth and final South American participant at the 2011 Pan American Games which will involve Rugby Sevens and will take place in Mexico´s second largest city, Guadalajara.

Tournament Results
Brazil 5-28 Argentina VII
Córdoba 12-10 Mar del Plata VII
Uruguay 21-17 Pinamar VII
Brazil 12-21 Mar del Plata VII
URBA 45-0 Paraguay

Paraguay 5-17 Pinamar VII
Argentina VII 12-24 Córdoba
URBA 0-24 Uruguay
Brazil 05-33 Córdoba
Uruguay 22-13 Paraguay

Argentina 17-14 Mar del Plata
URBA 17-15 Pinamar

Cup Semifinal
Córdoba 19-14 URBA
Uruguay 17-12 Argentina

Cup Final
Córdoba 19-12 Uruguai

Semifinal Plate
Brazil 31-00 Pinamar
Paraguai 12-19 Mar del Plata

Plate Final
Brazil 07-00 Mar del Plata

Club Teams
Belgrano 50-14 Champagnat
Tala de Córdoba 17-12 Los Tilos
Regatas de Bella Vista 24-0 Manuel Belgrano
Alumni 14-21 Belgrano
SIC 26-7 Tala de Córdoba
Hindú 17-5 Regatas de Bella Vista
Duendes 14-12 La Plata
Alumni 21-12 Champagnat
La Plata 12-17 CUBA
SIC 26-5 Los Tilos
Hindú 5-0 Manuel Belgrano
Duendes 14-0 CUBA

Cup Quarter Finals
Alumni 12-19 Tala de Córdoba
SIC 29-05 Champagnat
Hindú 15-22 CUBA
Duendes 19-12 Regatas

Cup Semifinal
SIC 19-12 Tala de córdoba
CUBA 28-07 Duendes

Cup Final
SIC 12-15 CUBA

Plate Semi Final
Alumni 05-14 Hindú
Champagnat 17-20 Regatas

Plate Final
Hindú 17-12 Regatas

Bowl Semi Final
Belgrano 17-15 Los Tilos
Manuel Belgrano 05-37 La Plata

Bowl Final
Belgrano 07-05 La Plata

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