Friday, January 7, 2011

Brazil Rugby Sevens Team Arrives in Uruguay

Brazil´s Rugby Sevens team left the country for Uruguay yesterday to participate in the 2011 Punta del Este Rugby Sevens tournament. The championship is to feature the test teams of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay as well as various combined teams. It is seen as excellent preperation for the 2011 Sur Americano or South American Sevens which will be hosted  in the Southern Brazilian city of Bento Gonçalves in the first week of February. Brazil is starting the new year with a positive outlook after achieving highly impressive results in 2010.

Brazil is in Group 2 of the Punta del Este Sevens and will go up against Entre Rios (Argentina) and Los Lobos (Uruguay). Brazil´s Sevens coach, Maurício Coelho commented that "There will not be any easy games. We are going with the view to having a good tournment and to achieve the best result for Brazil this season." Brazil´s preperation for the South American Sevens will continue after returning from Uruguay with a training camp in the city of Itu in São Paulo state and close to São Paulo city itself.

Group 1: Chile, Salta and Old Boys
Group 2: Brazil, Entre Ríos and Lobos
Group 3: Paraguay, Rosário and Toyota 7
Group 4: Uruguay, Noroeste and Moby Dick 7
Group 5: URBA, Bridgestone 7 e Carrasco Polo
Group 6: Córdoba, Citi 7 e Old Christians

Brazilian Squad

Fernando Portugal
Henrique Dantas
Pedro Rosa
João Luiz da Ros
Lucas Duque
Moises Duque
Rafael Santos
Daniel Gregg
Tulio Fiore
Felipe Claro

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