Thursday, December 30, 2010

Francisco Bosch - played three seasons of pro rugby in New Zealand

27 year old Hindu Club fullback, Francisco Bosch was a cult figure while playing for Manawatu in the New Zealand Cup - today known as the ITM Cup from 2006-2009. Bosch´s name was constantly on banners which spectators had taken the time to produce and wouldd then take them with them to the stadium. While playing for Manawatu he scored a try which was refered to as a header due to the fact that it came off his forehead in a similar way to that of a soccer player using his head to control the ball.

Bosch has always been an outsider for international duty but has made four test appearances for Argentina, filling in for first choice players who have been unavaliable due to club commitments. Bosch made his test debut at fullback in April 2004 vs Chile in Santiago scoring a try. He made the bench for the December test vs South Africa and in 2005 he faced Japan and Samoa.. He scored a try vs Japan while playing on the wing.


  1. I think UAR selection committee should expand their search for players in the National Team. they should not just focus on those from Europe but also pro-players from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well.

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