Friday, December 17, 2010

Ecuador to join CONSUR in 2011

Ecuador será reconocida como miembro CONSUR

The future of rugby in the Americas continues to look better and better with the news that South America's governing body - la Confederación Sudamericana de Rugby or simply CONSUR is set to grow to include Ecuador as an established member in 2011. This means that the Federación Ecuatoriana de Rugby - Ecuador Rugby Federation will be an associated member of CONSUR in an official capacity as of 2011. This is the first step in Ecuador becoming a full member of the IRB.

CONSUR B was won this year by Peru who made history in winning the championship for the first time ever. The tournament was hosted by Colombia and in addition to Colombia it also included Venezuela and an invited team from Central America - Costa Rica. The addition of Ecuador to CONSUR will pave the way for the country's inclusion into the tournament. A five team tournament looms as great news for all participants and gives South America a good platform for the continents second tier.

Ecuador's inclusion in CONSUR is a clear illustration of the expansion of rugby in South America. Bolivia is tipped to soon follow the example of Ecuador and when this happens all countries within the region of CONSUR would be members making the case for Argentina to host Rugby World Cup 2023 even more compelling.

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