Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2011 Argentina Rugby High Performance Plan

The Argentina Rugby Union (UAR) have confirmed a list of players invited to take part in the 2011 Plan de Alto Rendimento (UAR High Performance Plan). Thirty-three players have been selected, and five others invited. Belisario Agulla who is the younger brother of Pumas wing, Horacio Agulla, is back in the PladAR system after problems in October 2010 which saw him removed due to issues with his club and the Buenos Aires Union - Hindu and URBA. He was seleted in the Los Jaguares squad to tour Russia at the same time as the URBA Top 14 play-offs but stayed in Buenos Aires to play for Hindu, thus losing his place in the Hig Performance Program.

Newcomers to PladAR for 2011 include Benjamin Madero and Javier Ortega (SIC), Tomás De la Vega and Lucas Ponce (CUBA) and Ramiro Moyano (Tucuman). Ortega, Del la Vega and Ponce were in the Argentina team at this years IRB Junior World Championship which Argentina hosted and Moyano is part of the Argentina Rugby Sevens team participating in the IRB World Sevens Circuit. Tomás Baravalle, Alexis Barone and Santiago Méndez have all been invited to the High Performance plan following appearances for Los Pumitas in the IRB Junior World Championship.

Julio Farías Cabello who made his debut for Argentina vs France in November maintains his place in the High Performance plan despite being aged 33. Other returning players who will participate in 2011 and have represented Argentina include Nicolás Bruzzone, Mauro Comuzzi, Miguel Cortese, Miguel de Achaval, Genaro Fessia, Santiago Guzmán, and Tomás Leonardi. All players are targetting a place in the Pumas squad for Rugby World Cup 2011. As will be other returning players such as Francisco Albarracín, Esteban Bustillo, Carlos Cáceres, César Bettoli, Pablo Colacrai, Francisco Cuneo, Tomás Cubelli, Juan Pablo Estelles, Agustin Gosio, Santiago González Iglesias, Juan Imhoff, Francisco Merello, Ramiro Pacheco, Luciano Proto, Guillermo Roan, Tomás Roan, Leonarde Senatore, Federico Sánchez and Agustin Smidt.

Two players not included are Gastón de Robertis (Leicester Tigers, England) and Horacio San Martín (Aironi, Italy) who have left Argentina for Europe over the past month. Players involved in PladAR must be based in Argentina which is why both de Robertis and San Martín have been excluded. Hooker Agustín Creevy (Clermont, France) and secondrower Mariano Galarza (Leinster, Ireland) are not on the list but are to return to Argentina in time for the 2011 Vodacom Cup in South Africa which like 2010 will involve an Argentine team - Los Pampas.

PladAR List for 2011
1- BRUNO, Rodrigo (Jockey de Villa María - Cordobesa)
2- AGULLA, Belisario (Hindú Club - U.R.B.A)
3- ASCARATE, Gabriel (Natación y Gimnasia Tucumán)
4- BAEZ, Rodrigo (Liceo R.C - Cuyo)
5- BRUZZONE, Nicolás Ariel (S.I.C - U.R.B.A)
6- BUSTOS, Maximilano (Universitario - Santafesina)
7- COMUZZI, Mauro Adrián (Pucará - U.R.B.A)
8- CORTESE, Matias (Liceo R.C - Cuyo)
9- CUBELLI, Tomás (Belgrano Athletic - U.R.B.A)
10- DE ACHAVAL, Miguel (Asociación Alumni - U.R.B.A)
11- DE LA VEGA, Tomas (C.U.B.A. - U.R.B.A)
12- ESTELLES, Juan Pablo (Atlético de Rosario - U.R.B.A)
13- FARIAS CABELLO, Julio Alfredo (Tucuman R. C)
14- FESSIA, Genaro (Córdoba Athletic)
15- GONZALEZ IGLESIAS, Santiago (Asociación Alumni - U.R.B.A)
16- GOSIO, Agustin Oscar (Club Newman - U.R.B.A)
17- GUIDONE, Mauricio Raúl (La Plata R.C - U.R.B.A)
18- GUZMÁN, Santiago Nicolas (Tucumán R.C)
19- IMHOFF, Juan José (Duendes R.C - Rosario)
20- LANDAJO, Martin (C.A.S.I - U.R.B.A)
21- LEONARDI Tomás (S.I.C - U.R.B.A)
22- MACOME, Benjamín (Tucumán R.C.)
23- MADERO, Benjamín (S.I.C - U.R.B.A)
24- MIRALLES, Román (Duendes R.C - Rosario)
25- MOYANO JOYA, Ramiro (Lince R.C - Tucumán)
26- ORTEGA DESIO, Javier (S.I.C - U.R.B.A)
27- PASMAN, Ignacio Champagnat (U.R.B.A)
28- PONCE , Lucas (C.U.B.A. - U.R.B.A)
29- ROSATI, Tomás (Belgrano Athletic U.R.B.A)
30- SANCHEZ, Federico Nicolás (Tucuman Lawn Tennis)
31- SENATORE, Leonardo Vicente (G.E.R - Rosario)
32- TETAZ CHAPARRO, Francisco Nahuel (La Plata R.C - U.R.B.A)
33- TUCULET, Joaquín (Los Tilos - U.R.B.A)

Invited Players
1 - BARONE, Alexis Damián (Teque - Cuyo)
2- BARAVALLE TOMAS (Jockey Club Rosario)
4 - AHUALLI DE CHAZAL, Lisandro (Universitari Tucumán)
5 - POSTIGLIONE, Bruno (La Plata R.C - U.R.B.A)

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