Saturday, November 27, 2010

Georgia defeat USA 19-17

Mission accompished for the USA Eagles. Or so it should have been. After 80 minutes up on the clock the USA were leading 17-12. They had done what Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Spain and Ukraine have all failed to do - conquered Tblissi. It was the first international loss for Georgia at home in a long time. The last time the Lelos were defeated in Georgia was in 2004 by Portugal. However, the referee did not stop play and the match continued for 10 further minutes with Georgia scoring a try in the 88th minute and with the conversion won the match 19-17 as the crowd went wild.

The crowd was very loud and indeed hostile. It was a new experience for the USA Eagles who are used to playing in smaller venues and in front of far smaller crowds. Georgians showed up in large numbers to show the USA that the Lelos mean business. The Boris Paichadze National Stadium was treated to two of the worlds fastest growing teams and surely this will need to be a regular fixture. Georgia found themselves leading 6-0 early in the first half thanks to two penalties to flyhalf Lasha Malaguradze. The USA were under pressure and secondrower, Hayden Smith was yellow carded giving the hosts a massive advantage. It would be the USA who would score the games first try, however, as they fought back and were the better side in the first half with centre Paul Emerick scoring an unconverted try and a huge drop goal to flyhalf Nese Malifa to lead 8-6. The try was a result of quick thinking from scrumhalf Tim Usasz who took a quick lineout which resulted in Zee Ngwenya cutting in to beat his man before offloading to Emerick to score in the far corner.

In the second half Malaguradze narrowed the lead to two points with his third penalty before leaving the field to be replaced by France 2007 first choice flyhalf, Merab Kvirikashvili who narrowed the gap to two points with a penalty to make it 14-12 to the USA. The Eagles responded with Malifa adding a further three points to give the visitors a 17-12 lead in the 64th minute.

Georgia were camped in the USA half in the final 10 minutes and gave away mulitple penalties on attack. nevertheless, the referee allowed the match to continue until well after the 80th minute with Georgia kicking a penalty of their own for touch to set up a lineout 10 metres from the USA tryline in the 84th minute. Play continued and the USA Eagles were awarded a 5 metre scrum in front of their own try line in the 86th minute. The Lelos showed their domination at scrumtime by pushing back the Eagles scrum with Abuseridze leaping over the ball to win it as it popped out of the scrum. Their moment of glory followed with winger Lexo Gugava scoring for the Georgians to the right of the posts in the 88th minute. Georgia had won the scrum by a tighthead and as Maisuradze scored USA Eagles captain Todd Clever looked at the ground wondering how his team had lost late in the game. With the try the scores were tied at 17-17 and Kvirikashvili would not fail in converting the try to give the Lelos a famous victory that will long be remembered.


  1. great win. It wasn't 88th minute by the way the clock on the screen never stopped it was actually 83rd minute when the try was scored. Cheers :)

  2. Thanks for excellent report. Did not witness the match.

  3. GEORGIA WON!!!!!!!

    I was on Stadium. US has a very nice team. Organization, Technic, Speed.. everything is on high level. But sometimes US rugby players played very dirty, it was not gentle. Especially one blonde man. But rugby is in our blood. We are very proud that we have won against such a good team. Gio

  4. Nice report indeed... The only thing is it was really not a 88th minute! TV clock never stopped when ref was stopping the clock. And the Georgia's try was scored by wing Lexo Gugava not Simon Maisuradze.

    But well done by both teams! US played a great game but Georgia managed to show their spirit!!!

  5. Sorry for getting the try scorer´s name incoreect. I have made the change.

    About the clock, that seems to be the consensus from Georgia. Is it common for matches played in your country?

  6. The important error in the report is that 5 meter scrum on the final minute was awarded to USA! our guys pushed the US scrum over and a ball fumbled awkwardly out of the scrum. This was followed by an incredible play by Abuseridze who jumped the ball. He was swiftly followed by our first line and this is how we got a hold of the ball. Only thing USA had to do was to take the ball from their scrum and kick it out, but sometimes even that is hard to do.
    It was a very intense game, I loved it!

  7. Watching the video again, you are right. Sorry for the mistake. Georgia really showed how good their scrum is and what a moment to do so.