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Uruguay vs Romania - Rugby World Cup 2011 Qualifier


Uruguay´s national rugby side, Los Teros will play against European power, Romania this coming saturday (november 13) at the home of Uruguayan rugby, Estadio Charrúa in Montevideo. The Estadio Charrúa regularly receives strong crowds for Uruguay´s international matches and this weekends clash should be no exception. The URU has been promotting the clash at the Centro de Eventos del Portones Shopping in Montevideo. Tickets are on sale for UR$100 for adults and entry for those under 15 is free. A crowd of 12,000 should attend the match.

The match is the most important rugby match anywhere in the world this month with the winner of the two match series to claim the twentieth and final place at Rugby World Cup 2011. The first match is crucial as the winner will have an advantage in the second match because it is the overall winner on aggregate who will qualify for New Zealand 2011. In qualification for France 2007 Uruguay lost the first match 12-5 to Portugal in Lisbon but won the second 18-12 in Montevideo. The aggregate result meant Portugal won 24-23 and qualified for its first ever Rugby World Cup. This time around, Uruguay will host the first match and are well aware of the consequences of failing to not only win but to win well.

Uruguay got this far by defeating Asia 2 - Kazakhstan at the same venue in July. Romania defeated Africa 2 - Tunisia in the other qualifyer. The matches were similar with the winners both outplaying their opponents to comfortably get through to the Rugby World Cup Final Place Play-Off. Unlike Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania, South America is not awared a direct place at Rugby World Cups. Hence, Uruguay despite being the top placed South American qualifier had to then face off against North America 2 - the USA and because they were defeated they had to play Kazakhstan and now Romania.

It will be only the third ever clash between the two countries and the first ever in Uruguay. In the previous two meetings Romania won both. The first was in 2008 with the europeans winning 10-6 and the second in 2009 with Romania winning 17-11. The margins of 4 and 6 points suggest that neither side should be considered superior to the other especially considering that both matches were played in Bucharest. Romania have competed at every Rugby World Cup too date but were unable to directly qualify for New Zealand 2011 after finishing third behind Georgia and Russia in the European phase of qualification. Sadly, Uruguay will be without its best player - secondrower / backrower Rodrigo Capo Ortega of Castres in the Top 14, who because of differences with the URU wishes to not represent his country.

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  1. Paul: (Bring from

    The Uruguayan question is very complex. At least I see it so. Uruguay is a little -in population- country, where the sport's king is the soccer. If is certainly that the origins of the uruguayan rugby are more ancient that the own argentine, by a few years (the first Rugby Club of South América was Uruguayan) they not haves a great pupulation base where recruit players, as haves the Argentine and probably in the next future, Brazil. Uruguay is a country very respectable in many concerns. I have a great respect and admiration for many aspects of their actual progress in political and economic concerns, but in the Rugby they are very low.

    Now are a few numbers of uruguayans playing in teams of the Buenos Aires Union, are good players, but their national team is under the level of the most powerful argentine provincial selections (URBA, Córdoba, Rosario or Tucumán), and this was demonstrated in the last Cross Border Tournament of the Argentine. The level of the Uruguayan team is same to the second level of the provincial selections of the Argentine, however upper than Chile.

    Yet, the sport is growing in the Uruguay, they haves many teams. I think that a solve for they problems of less of hard competence could be the participation of the Uruguayan team in the URBA top 14, or in the local tournament of Rosario or Santa Fé (Not Córdoba or Tucumán because both cities are very far of Montevideo).

    For that I know, in this year a "coaches team" of the Argentine Union was helping to the effort of the Uruguayans for improve they level. May be that this can be a sucess.

    I hope in a Tero's triumph, but is difficult.

    Thanks for your article.