Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tensions thaw as Jeronimo Etcheverry returns for Uruguay

Unfortunately there is no sign of Rodrigo Capó Ortega in Uruguay´s squad for the winner takes all elimation match this Saturday vs Romania in Bucharest in which the winner will qualify for Rugby World Cup 2011 and the loser be forced to wait at least another four years. Capó Ortega has been absent from the team for 12 months due to an unresolved dispute between the Uruguay Rugby Union (URU) and one of Montevideo´s leading clubs - Carrasco Polo. The teams fullback however, Jeronimo Etcheverry, is back in the Los Teros squad for the match vs Romania. He, like Capó Ortega and many others has been absent all year.

Los Teros are preparing for the match in Prato, Italy utilizing facilities that their coach, former Argentina international winger Gonzalo Camardón is familiar with from his 10+ years of rugby in Italy. Without Capó Ortega the Uruguayan group consists of 24 players. His absence will certainly be important. Nonetheless, it is a very positive sign for everyone involved in Uruguayan rugby that Etcheverry is back.

1-Arboleya, Carlos (Trébol)
2-Arocena, Matias (Old Christian's)
3-Badano, Nicolas (Old Boys)
4-Benitez, Edgardo (Trébol)
5-Braun, Mathias (PSG)
6-Caffera, Emiliano (Champagnat)
7-Corral, Alejo (San Isidro Club - Argentina)
8-Crosa, Martin (Old Boys)
9-de Freitas, Juan (Champagnat)
10-Dugonjic, Ivo (PSG)
11-Espiga, Martin (Old Christian's)
12-Etcheverry, Jeronimo (Carrasco Polo Club)
13-Fonseca, Matias (Los Cuervos)
14-Gaminara, Juan Manuel (Old Boys)
15-Horta, Juan Pablo (Old Christian's)
16-Leivas, Leandro (Old Christian's)
17-Magno, Diego (MVCC)
18-Martinez, Manuel (Old Christian's)
19-Mieres, Gaston (Lobos)
20-Morales, Nicolas (Trébol)
21-Rombys, Juan Pedro (Trébol)
22-Vilaseca, Santiago (Old Boys)
23-Lemoine, Pablo (unattached)
24-Sagario, Mario (Dax - Francia)

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