Sunday, October 31, 2010

Venezuela defeat Colombia but Peru win South American B Championship

Peru made history in Colombia in winning the South American B Rugby Championship (also known as CONSUR B) and doing so undefeated. At the start of the week long tournament, Peru were ranked third of the four participating unions and considered massive outsiders with little chance os success vs Colombia or Venezuela. In the IRB World Rankings Peru are in 78th position but Colombia are ranked 53rd and Venezuela 60th. Defeating teams ranked 18 and 25 places higher is no walkover. It is utterly extraordinary. Peru´s success is the equivalent of Kenya defeating Argentina or Uruguay winning the Rugby World Cup. The achievement underwrites the continued growth of rugby in South America with more teams coming through to make the state of international rugby in the continent increasingly more competitive.

Peru´s success began with a shock 13-5 win over Venezuela and continued with a 21-7 victory vs Colombia. The biggest win, however, would come on saturday vs the newcomers to international rugby, Costa Rica whom Peru defeated 61-5. Second place was fought over between hosts Colombia and Venezuela in a match as tough as the diplomatic relations between the two countries. Venezuela won in the end with a 28-26 victory which should see them rising in the IRB World Rankings. Costa Rica, for their part, obtained crucial international experience and interestingly scored 5 points vs Peru, the same number as Venezuela.

Complete Results

Round 1:
Peru 13-5 Venezuela
Colombia 61-6 Costa Rica

Round 2:
Venezuela 29-6 Costa Rica
Colombia 7-21 Peru

Round 3:
Peru 61-5 Costa Rica
Colombia 26-28 Venezuela

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