Saturday, October 23, 2010

Russia vs Los Jaguares

Argentina´s historical rugby tour to Russia starts today with the national Russian test team known as the Bears hosting Argentina´s Jaguares side in the first of two matches in what is a ground breaking tour for both sides. It is to be the first ever clash between the two countries ever but is not an official test match because Los Jaguares are not Argentina´s national team, rather the players selected are deemed to be the best domestic based players. Nevertheless, Argentina will be fielding a number of important players who have played professionally in Europe and / or for Los Pumas already such as Matías Cortese, Pablo Bouza and Horacio San Martín.

With both Argentina and Russia confirmed for Rugby World Cup 2011 this clash is a great chance for players from both teams to gain extra experience. Russia, in qualifying for New Zealand 2011 have proven that they truely are a rising force in world rugby. Since France 2007 Russia have defeated teams with experience at Rugby World Cup´s including Namibia, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Uruguay. Next years Rugby World Cup will be Russia´s first and they will be in a tough group with matches against Australia, Ireland, Italy and the United States. The match vs the USA is sure to be a fantastic match as well as one of global importance putting the two Cold War enemies head to head in New Plymouth. A match certain to put the city on the map.

Today´s clash is to be played in Slava Stadium in Russia´s capital, Moscow and will be refereed by Ireland´s John Lacey. The match will kick off at 3pm local time and thus 8am in Argentina.


1 Gastón De Robertis, 2 Matías Cortese, 3 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, 4 Pablo Bouza, 5 Agustín Smidt, 6 Rodrigo Bruno, 7 Julio Farías Cabello, 8 Leonardo Senatore (captain), 9 Martín Landajo, 10 Nicolás Sánchez, 11 Juan Imhoff, 12 Gabriel Ascárate, 13 Horacio San Martín, 14 Agustín Gosio, 15 Román Miralles

Reserves: 16 Luciano Proto, 17 Maximiliano Bustos, 18 Lucas Ponce, 19 Rodrigo Báez, 20 Tomás Cubelli, 21 Santiago González Iglesias, 22 Mauro Comuzzi

1 Carlo Maghlakelidze, 2 Valery Tsnobiladze, 3 Iván Prischepenko, 4 Alexander Voitov (captain), 5 Vladimir Boltenkov, 6 Viktor Gres, 7 Yevgeny Matveyev, 8 Alex Panasenko, 9 Alexander Shakirov, 10 Alexei Korobeinikov, 11 Vladimir Ostroushko, 12 Sergei Trishin, 13 Igor Galinovskii, 14 Vasily Artemiev, 15 Igor Klyuchnikov

Reserves: 16 Vladislav Korshunov, 17 Alexander Hrokin, 18 Eugene Pronenko, 19 Sergey Sergeev, 20 Alex Scherban, 21 Andrey Kuzin, 22 Evgeny Titov.

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