Friday, October 15, 2010

Play On Movie

Having a legendary international rugby player as a father would not always be easy. Being the son of such a man and being a player yourself could be complicated. Worse still if the father is from the amateur era in which all he played for was pride and respect but the son is playing in pursuit of big money. The soon to be released movie, Play On, touches on this theme as co-writers Albert Dekin and David Story question what would happen if a father and son were caught on constrasting sides of this divide? Would it be possible for the father to accept his son who is really only interested in making a profit?

It tells the story of, Finlay Kilgour who represented Scotland in the amateur days and had to sustain himself and his family by working in a textile mill. Keir, his son, abandons his Scottish club and family in pursuit of richer pastures and sets off to play for Kansas City in the NFL. Unfortunately for Keir reality hits him in the face when he comes to see that his former life in Scotland was a life of ease and he would not simply be able to walk into the NFL.

The film was shot in both Kansas City and Scotland and utilizes real life rugby players including Scotland´s best ever player, Gavin Hastings. The movie is the lattest example of the increasing importance of rugby in the United States. 2009 brought us Invictus and 2008 Forever Strong. Play On appears to be a better rugby movie than both as the rugby being played involves actual players and the details such as scrums and rucks look superior. Without the booming state of global rugby this film would not be possible. It is a strong indication of the future state of rugby in the Americas and the need for the region to host a Rugby World Cup. Argentina 2023 must become a reality.

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