Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interview with Seta Tuilevuka

In France´s Top 14, Zee Ngwenya (Biarritz) and Kevin Swiryn (Agen) have both been having great seasons as representatives of the USA in the worlds leading domestic competition. Their success is a good sign for the USA as the countdown to Rugby World Cup 2011 continues. Meanwhile a player who currently does not have a profile on wikipedia and little information in general on the internet has been doing very well for himself at Montpellier. Seta Tuilevuka accepted my offer for the following interview for which I am extremely grateful. I wish him all the best for the remainder of the season for Montpellier and have my fingers crossed to see him in action for the USA Eagles at New Zealand 2011.

How is life at Montpellier and in your new team?

Life here is very different. It is a challenge adjusting to the style of rugby here and learning the language. My teammates have been very helpful with both of those things though. Although challenging, I love the Montpellier team and Montpellier itself.

You previously played and lived for many years in the USA. At what age did you leave Fiji for the USA?

I left Fiji in November, 2005. I was 23.

Does this mean you are eligible to represent the USA? Could you play for the USA Eagles in new Zealand 2011?

It may be a possibility but at this point, I'm not sure but would love to if things work out.

Could you comment on your favorite memory from playing in the USA?

My whole experience playing with the Las Vegas Blackjacks and winning nationals last season!

At Montpellier you play alongside three Argentine players (Santiago Fernández, Juan Figallo and Martín Bustos Moyano). How has it been playing with these guys?

Its a great experience to play with these guys who have played top level rugby and represented their countries. I'm trying to learn as much as I can from Santiago and Martin who play in the backline with me. Its a plus to have them as friends off the field too. They are all really good guys.

Do you think Argentina should host Rugby World Cup 2003?

Yes. I think having the world cup in Argentina would be good for the sport and the country itself. Since Argentina doesn´t have pro rugby, it would be good exposure for the players and the sport.

Seta Tuilevuka arrived at Montpellier earlier in the year to play his first season of professional rugby and is already establishing himself as a lethal attacking player. He joined from the Las Vegas Blackjacks with whom he was a national champion last season. Incredibly, Seta Tuilevuka is not capped but this may be set to change. He was born in Fiji but meets the IRB eligibility criteria as he lived in the USA for six years and is the younger brother of former USA Eagles player, Alipate Tuilevuka.

Seta Tuilevuka

Alipate Tuilevuka


  1. Really good interview Paul.

    Big gain for America.

  2. not turned out to be one of Montpellier's greatest picks to be fair, not played all season