Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 South American B Rugby Championship

The 2010 South American B tournament is to take place in Colombia later this month and will be a repeat of the 2009 event involving the same four sides with Central America´s Costa Rica joining the three South American countries of Colombia, Peru and Venezuela in what is South America´s annual second tier rugby tournament. In the 2009 event Colombia won all three matches including an impressive 34-0 win vs Venezuela to win the tournament. Venezuela managed to win its two other matches to finish second whilst Peru scored a big 47-8 win vs Costa Rica to claim third spot.

Of the four competing sides, three are listed in the IRB World Rankings. Currently Colombia are ranked highest in 53rd position followed by Venezuela in 59th and Peru in 78th. Costa Rica continue to not be included in the IRB World Rankings because Costa Rica has not officially been accepted as a full member of the IRB similar to a number of others from across the globe ranging from Estonia to Mexico.  The simple reason for this is that the required criteria is yet to be met 100%. The rankings provide a fair analysis of the levels of the participating teams. Venezuela were considered better than Colombia until losing in 2009. These two sides should again be the best two and it is fitting that their clash will take place in the final round of the 2010 event.

Costa Rica certainly merit being a full IRB member and have showed outstanding progress and administrative ablities in such a short space of time. The national rugby team played their first international only five years ago, in 2005 in a match against fellow non-members Panama and won 60-0. The country´s first major tournament was in 2007 in the first ever Central American Rugby Cup which involved Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama with Costa Rica being crowned champions. They will gain priceless experience from playing against the three South American sides and in time should be as equally competitive as they are.

Tournament Schedule

October 24 Venezuela vs Peru
October 24 Colombia vs Costa Rica

October 27 Venezuela vs Costa Rica
October 27 Colombia vs Peru

October 30 Peru vs Costa Rica
October 30 Colombia vs Peru

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